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I accepted a friend request by mistake on myspace.

Asked by Rosyblue (71points) May 24th, 2008

Ok, I need some assistance. I was in the processing of denying a friend request when I hit the accept button by mistake. What do I do??? If I go back and delete, will that person know??? I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, but other than bands, I only have friends and family on my page.

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Isn’t rejecting them just as bad as removing them? Besides, if you don’t want them on your virtual friends list, then why does it matter for your ‘real one’?

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Whether this person notices you’ve deleted them depends on how many friends that person has, if over 100 or more friends it’s likely the person “might” not find out, or if you delete them, you could look at the deleting as a computer/techie problem and go with that. Myspace does have system errors once in a while.

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Delete them, block them, and call it a day.

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myspace does have this new feature that when you add someone it sends a alert that you’ve accepted them. If they care enough they’ll notice you’ve deleted them, if not then you’re good.

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This is a case where for safety’s sake, you think of #1 first. Go on your first instinct and remove and block.

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sounds like some myspace drama…..

Who cares its “your space”

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sorry but is it really that big of a deal? If this person isn’t your friend to begin with, they have no reason to have their feelings hurt, they don’t know you. If they do get whiny, thats because they have problems and shouldn’t worry so much about what someone they don’t know thinks about them.

=myspace hater.

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Who cares. Delete it and if she asks tell her maybe it didn’t fully send.

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Quit myspace and use facebook.

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