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Why are young men in Ghana messanging me on Myspace?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16799points) August 25th, 2009

I rarely get messages or friend requests from people I don’t know or that don’t know someone I know on myspace. I recently got a friendly sounding message from a 17 year old man in Ghana. Like, I love the pictures of your nice family, etc. Very broken english. So I sent back, oh, hello, tell me about life in Ghana. Then, the next day, here’s a new message from some other teen age young man in Ghana. I looked on their friend spaces and they both just got on myspace, and their friends are all….middle-aged women in the US!! What?? I didn’t approve the friend requests, but like what?? Does this not seem wierd to you?? I am not racist or unfriendly, but it just seems odd to me that these young men are messaging old ladies. ?

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Old ladies are the most likely to fall for Nigerian Scams…

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It is weird, I recieved something like that on my page today, he was from Cameroon. Trying to send me messages of kindness, to make me fall for a scam. That will never happen. Pay attention to that stuff.

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Scammers are know not to be very subtle.

edit: Just show them the picture of you and all the weapons in the background. They should be smart enough to leave you alone ;)

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I get things like this on Facebook. I just decline their friend requests. :)

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those ghana boys love cougars, it’s a fact.

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hahahahaha ewwwww…..

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