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Can you help me search for some good baby stroller and car seat hybrids?

Asked by whitecarnations (1638points) March 14th, 2012

I’m open to all sorts of brands and identities. Thanks!

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Here’s a list of the top 10 strollers. And here is an article on the safest baby car seats.

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If you have a Babies R Us near you, they’ll let you take the baby seats out to your car and install them. I found this process to be invaluable, because a good car seat will install easily and fit correctly. If you have two cars and you’ll be moving the seat often, this try-before-you-buy process will save you a ton of headaches. Also, bring a baby doll. The straps and adjustments vary from seat-to-seat. And you will likely be making adjustments every time you put your baby in the seat (to accommodate different clothing, etc).

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Is there a particular reason you are looking for an all in one @whitecarnations?

I’ve taken care of lots of children. I am sorry to say that there is a reason you see more than one stroller in the typical family garage. There’s the stroller that’s best for getting around where you live, the one for carrying along in your smallest car, the one that works best for shopping-etc.

Unfortunately, I haven’t used one hybrid that wasn’t bulky. None of the hybrids are well rated as car seats. For your car seat, you’ll want the best rating you can afford.

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We tried a hybrid and were really excited by the concept but didn’t end up liking it in practice. So bulky and relatively hard to use.

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