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Why are fish aquariums so soothing?

Asked by Jude (32167points) March 15th, 2012

I have been researching fish aquariums for the past hour. I plan on picking up one in a week or so. I am sick today and have been watching Youtube videos on various fish aquariums. It is relaxing me the hell out.

Do you find them soothing, as well?

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Nemo! Anyway – I think we as humans find water soothing to begin with. The sound it makes, the fluidity, etc. Add to it fish that just casually swim back and forth and seem content to do that is nice. It’s transfixing. It’s the visual equivalent of listening to soothing and calming music, and eventually you are mellowed out. Same with watching the aquarium. Back and forth, swim swim swim, back and forth, bubble…............

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I had to giggle as I was expecting soothing music, not this one sounded a bit like a gangster fish, but so cool it relaxed you. I need to find fish or waterfalls that do that, or beautiful scenes if any one knows of any?? I was on IMVU for about 2 years and bought mostly beach room and sounds and forests it was great.

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I think it’s because of our mirror neurons. When we watch other creatures, our motor cortex imagines what it would feel like to be performing those actions. Watching those fish (and shrimp) doing their languid, weightless kabuki fills us with a sense of grace and ease.

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@thorninmud Ahhh… wonderful answer.

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Oh, boy. Sign me up.

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Check out these planted aquariums! Freakin awesome!!!

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Very, very cool @Esedess!

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Ha! I had an aquarium once where one fish spent its life chasing the other fish and trying to eat its tail. It was really nerve wracking to watch, actually.

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In the waiting room of my oncology practice, there is a very (very) large aquarium. The fish are various shapes and sizes and of spectacular coloration. Watching them becomes a meditative activity and keeps me from thinking about cell mutation. The practice has also extraordinary perennial and annual flower gardens around the outside of the building with statuary, herbs, pleasing aromas and plashing fountains.

Additionally, there is a basket of wool, knitting needles and instructions for knitting a 10X10 square for an afghan which is auctioned off. I can do a square in between the blood draw and the yearly check-up with the doctor.

All these things keep me breathing in and out.

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