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Do you think Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates was supposed to look like a woman for the cover of this record?

Asked by deni (22855points) March 17th, 2012

Yeah thats right I’m obsessed with Hall and Oates. In my last apartment me and my ex had a record wall and we had this record up, and the entire time I was 100% sure, without ever even thinking about it, that Daryl Hall (the one on the left, sans mustachio) was supposed to look like a woman, and so was John Oates (aside from the mustache)...okay looking back the logic isn’t there, but regardless, I recently saw that album cover and realized that I don’t think he was supposed to look like a woman, he just does. Do you have any input? This is a very important matter.

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Also he has long luscious looking hair and eyeliner on for sure, and a fur-like coat. All signs point to lady.

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They were not exactly the “cutting edge” new wave guys that were running around back then like Boy George and Adam Ant or Spandau Ballet, I think they were just trying to look a little hipper. Their music was more pop, ala Hewey Lewis and the News, or Phil Collins, or Robert Palmer, rather than the new wave thing. I think the record company was just trying to make them appeal to the hipper crowd. His hair does look very pretty though, doesn’t it? Can you imagine Phil Collins being done up like that? Yikes!

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If you had that album cover up in an apartment we shared, I would demand the album Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson be next to it.
I think they were trying to look like women, because they felt women like pretty boys.

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Neither one is the most masculine guy I ever seen. LOL

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It looks pretty intentional, especially with the rouge/blush/shadow spots on them.

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Yes and that’s my final answer.

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I can’t go for that! Nooo, no can do!

He’ll do anything, that you want him to.

She.. I mean he…looks like a bit of a man eater!

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They’re definitely maneaters in this cover. Say it isn’t so. See, I can’t go for that. It’s just out of touch.

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Hall and Oates were (are?) touring here at the moment. With Icehouse. I was very tempted to buy tickets but they were playing at a winery and I hate concerts in wineries.

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From Wikipedia:

It also featured an album cover in which Daryl and John are overly made up with make-up to the point where they (especially the then-long-haired Hall) looked like women. Hall would later say in an interview for VH1’s Behind the Music that he looked like “the girl I always wanted to go out with” on that album cover.

Definitely sounds intentional.

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Remember the context -1980’s. Eyeliner was popular for men singers (Duran Duran, etc.) and long hair was popular too (mullet).

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Ha, this was in my paper this morning: 719–26-OATES. It’s an emergency line with their songs you can chose from.

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@chyna My brother sent me that a few months ago and I almost died.

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@dappled_leaves Dude, that Bowie pic is like 1973.

Men have always depicted themselves as women in art. Always and forever.

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The androgynous look was normal for ‘80’s male groups, so, yes, it was probably intentional.

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