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Is there a place I could "rent a desk" around Columbus, OH?

Asked by RocketSquid (3480points) March 21st, 2012

My house is full of temptations that, when paired with my complete lack of self control, makes it hard to get some projects done.
I’ve tried going to an cafe and doing the “coffee-house” artist thing, but they tend to look at you weird if you spend more than an hour and a half in a seat, and even weirder if you bring a light table and onion paper, or I’ll run into the uninformed jackass that wants to tell me about what I’m doing.

What I’d love to find is a place with a desk and a power outlet that I could sit at for a few hours without feeling obligated to buy something or leave by a certain time. I’m not too worried about privacy, I just want to be able to work without being tempted to “Take a break”.

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Do searches for “mini office” and “turnkey business” in classifieds for your area, like Craigslist. For a relatively small fee, you can rent a tiny office with a desk, chair, and electrical outlet, usually with a shared mini-kitchen and meeting room. If you’re willing to work farther out in the suburbs, try making the rounds of some business parks and seeing whether any of the businesses there would be willing to rent you office space in their warehouse. Most warehouses have a small attached office, and many times it goes empty and unused; they may be willing to rent it to you for a small fee.

(Edit: Is there any reason you can’t work at the library? Every library I’ve seen has work carrels available, and the ones here even have electrical outlets specifically for laptops.)

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The library is one possibility.

If you’re willing to pay, here is one example for $300 per month.

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Unless your local library lacks internet access (and they’d have to be pretty backward in this day and age to not have it) why not go there for free.

No one will bother you. You can stay as long as you like and its free. Why not?

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Only problem with the library is that they close around 6pm on the weekdays, but that might just be the one near my house. I think I’ll check a few others that I know of, though.

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@RocketSquid And here I thought you wanted a desk (I have one available and live in central Ohio area) . . . dang . . .

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Do a search for “coworking columbus” and you’ll get different offerings and reviews of some of them.

Qwirk Columbus

If you’d rather have a more traditional office, craigslist is great for finding small spaces and extra offices that people like to rent. You might also try anyone selling “virtual offices”, they generally have spaces as well.

If you’d rather go a little more “official”, loopnet is pretty good for looking at listings handled by real estate agents.

Good luck with the search and your projects.

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