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Are you a messy-desk person or a neat-desk person?

Asked by bookish1 (13147points) June 27th, 2012

Have you heard these phrases before? What do you like your desk/workspace to look like, and how often do you clean it?

I am definitely a messy-desk person…Messy, not dirty, haha. But I feel reassured if I have all the stuff out and visible that I might need for the week. Including notes for past/upcoming meetings, electronics, books, pens, phone numbers, directions, medical supplies… Haha. I suspect it has something to do with my being an abstract-random thinker. I can clean my desk and have it looking pristine and it gets cluttered again in a day.

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I go to both extremes depending on my mood. I can be the messiest though there is method in my madness, on the other side, I can organize the desk in such a way that an army general would be proud.

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Neat. Definitely neat desk. My bedroom, not so much.

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I’m a messy everything person. I prefer the term “organized mess” though.

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My work desk is messy when I am working, but the company requires a cleared off desk when I am not there.

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My desk gets messy but other people use it too for stuff like putting laundry upon. It gets annoying but what’s a guy to do?

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My desk is somewhere in the middle – not totally messy but I couldn’t call it neat. My office is a bit messy though. I have piles of readings and things about the place.

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I’m a messy desk, messy armchair, messy bookshelves, messy floor person.

Now that I actually spell it out, i think i might have to sort this shit out.

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Sadly, messy… Which is why I often take myself off to coffee shops to get some work done!

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Messy, although it’s organized and not the worst mess.

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It starts off neat when I have a visitor but soon turns messy. It usually stays messy until the next meeting.

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It’s not too terribly bad, but I’d say I’m a messy desk person. I know where everything is, though, and that’s what counts!

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I have a lousy memory, so I need to have my various projects out in the open, even when I’m not working on them, or I’ll forget about them. I can walk around my workspace and actually see what needs doing. I know it’s time to rein that in a little when I find that I’m wasting time looking for stuff that got lost in the clutter.

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I’m a messy-desk-most-of-the-time-with-an-occasional-OCD-level-cleaning type person.

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Messy, but I force myself to neaten it up.

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Messy, definitely. I can’t find anything when it’s organized.

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The area immediately in front of me is very neat. The edges of the desk are extraordinarily messy. Good thing I have a big desk.

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Neat desk person. Organization is the key to success. :)

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Generally pretty messy—in a fit of “where is the damn whatever,” I’ll take some time to straighten things.

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My desk at home is messy, but at work we have a clear-desk policy so I’m neat there.

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I like my desk and work spaces clean and neat. Every few days I take damp paper towels goobed up with germ gel and wipe down the phone handset, the desk, the drawer faces. My laptop gets swabbed up every few days too. I eat about two meals a day at my desk and don’t like any smears or crumbs. As few possible doo dads are welcome in my space too, I don’t like a bunch pens, post-its or other stuff in sight that can be in a drawer instead. At home though, my dresser top looks like my handbags throw up on it.

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Neat desk!

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I’m a neat desk wanna-be, but a messy desk reality.

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Messy and dusty. Always :p

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Cluttered, but organized in its own unique way. Some call it “messy.” I call it “cozy.”

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