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Who here DOESN'T have an iPhone?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) May 25th, 2008

Just curious as to what percentage of fluther users are drawn here due to the device.

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well, there was already a question similar to this… Something like “what kind of phone do you have” and just about everyone said they owned an iPhone. I have one, and mainly am on my iphone when I go on fluther.
[but when I’m at home, I’m on my pc, because it’s just easier]

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nope, never touched one.

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Predictably, I do not own one. I pay Verizon for 50 minutes a month, have an el cheapo phone only for driving emergencies and power outages. Marina calls us Luddites – I concur.

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Ive got the iPod that has the screen that you can feel with the things on the ends of your hands.

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Hmm, yeah I got an account before the wave of iPhone users so I haven’t used one either. I am kind of partial to tactile response, but that’s just me.

@Gail: my father designed a bumper sticker once which read: “Born Again Luddite.”

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@Shock: a man after my own heart. (How many people ask him what that means?)

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I wake up in the morning and check Fluther on my iPhone while I’m still in bed. I even have the icon on my home screen. I’m not sure if it’s an addiction yet, but I’m sure it’s close…

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@Gail: Haha, about 20% of the people who see it just start laughing, but quite a few ask what a Luddite is (while simultaneously talking into their Bluetooth head set, receiving a text message and sending an email)

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Although I own an iPhone, I was using Fluther long before I bought one.

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I don’t. But I have an ipod touch!

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I don’t, I have an iPod touch! And lovin’ it..

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No iphone here and don’t expect to ever touch one

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I never owned anything Apple. Not an iPod, not an iMac, and certainly not an iPhone. I have nothing against Apple or Apple’s products, and I’m not a Microsoft fanboy either. Just… eh.

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At first I never wanted the iPhone, but when I took it for a test drive, I started saving up money like half a second later! Don’t know how I ended up with an iPod Touch though. :-P

I still like my iPod anyway though.

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How many of you owners have aching thumbs or thumbdenitist?

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Trust me, @gail, a blackberry (lovingly nicknamed “the crackberry”) is infinitely worse on the thumbs.

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I do have an iPhone, best purchase ever in my life, ay?

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I don’t have an iphone, they’re not here in Tassie yet, and I don’t have an ipod touch either.

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I don’t, mainly because I am opposed to the extremely high monthly fees associated with the AT&T iPOD service.

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I cannot afford an iPhone, never touched one either. Like MisterBlueSky, I don’t own a single Apple product. I wouldn’t call myself a Microsoft fangirl, i have found that with big brand name products, you often lose the purity of the gadget….if that makes any sense. That said, I would love to play with an iPhone….sooo maybe 30 years from now when I am done paying my college debt? For now, i will take whatever the cell phone company gives me for free :D

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I have a Nokia N73 and Fluther from my PC.

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i can gladly say i own no iphone

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I don’t have an iphone I have an ipod touch. Great little thing compared to the poor excuse for a phone Samsung that I have.

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eye…do not. Was waiting for my cell carrier to carry it. Unfortunately, they are now carrying knock offs and I am not sure what is better or worse…

I also have a verizon Samsung poor little phone. I like it but wouldn’t recommend it or buy it again. The hardest thing to do on it is make a dang phone call! :(

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Luddite. (but I’m buying the touch tomorrow)

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I have one AND I still havent found away to fix it AAA PLEEZZ HELP ME OH PLEEZZ

Go here

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i don’t have one, still waiting for it to come out in holland, but i guess i’ll just get one from the states when the 3g model comes out, im sure someone will help me get it across

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iPod Touch, I’ve only touched one twice because you can’t get them very easily in Australia yet. June 9th if Apple feel like being nice!

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I don’t have one, but at the end of my current phone contract will probably get one – so long as the new generation has all the features I prefer a phone to have.

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Me too, waiting for release in Holland.

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I don’t (and never will – yuk). Though I’d suggest many iPhone owners to be drawn to this question from the “iPhone” tag ;-)

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I don’t get it. How could you not want an iPhone? It has a calculator on it!

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it has ants on it if you want to, c’mon, everyone wants one!

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Everybody wants some!! I want some too!

-Van Halen

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awwww. Cmon’ Vince! iPhone and the word “YUK” in the same sentence… It’s too much for my heart

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@robmizell: my phone has a calculator too! and no, it’s not an iPhone

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iPhone, no. iPod Touch, yes. : )

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I have a small scientific desk calculator I’ve had for 30 years. It works just fine, as does my brain for the simple stuff. How many of you have ever seen an elegant, ivory slide rule, BTW?

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No iphone here. Happy with a portable that actually has a camera!

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No iphone. No cell phone. No PDA…

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i hate AT&T i have a Samsung u740 from Verizon Wireless. hurray for me!

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Had an iPhone but sold it…

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Why did you sell it?

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Different reasons. but mainly because of the fact I am using it in Europe right now and wanted to get the newer version later with 3G for mobile internet support with these providers.

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Ah, fair enough. I’ve never even seen one :P

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My phone is a piece of poo.

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then flush it!

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I don’t have one, and don’t see myself getting one in the near future.

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I have the touch and darn it…a nice guy showed me all his iPhone capabilities and I have to admit, I was JEALOUS!!!!!

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I thought the only difference was the ability to make a phone call? And VoIP took care of that. Am I mistaken?

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maybe he was jealous because the iphone is thicker ?

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He is a she and I thought you can make calls, get online without having to find wi fi and can take pics???

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i don’t have one.

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I’m going to buy one, now it’s coming to Holland.

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yup, me too, only thing that sucks…we will not be selling them, T-mobile will….oh well, we’ll make the money on support then

“t-mobile helpdesk, how may i help you”
“yes hello, this is *** from ***, i’m trying to put music on my iphone but i don’t know how”
“have you tried turning it off and on again?”

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just wanted to mention my happiness! Glad I got rid of mine earlier. Now that they have lowered the price of the new version I might give it another go. The GPS support adds incredible new interesting ways for people to develop apps for the iPhone. That combined with the newly released apps for syncing directly to google contacts and google calendar, even over wifi is great. I saw that Fring has released their software for the iPhone allowing skype calls to be made! fantastic. The main reasons I sold mine have gotten corrected. Let’s hope Telia, the provider in Sweden hooks us up with a good deal on the thing!

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I don’t, but I will in a few months.

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Me. I have a Sony Ericsson w580i and love it. I only check Fluther on my pc.

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Got mine July 2007 day one and I love all the feature except the phone part.

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Me. I don’t have a cell phone either and I’m doing just fine.

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I have to update my status! I got one last week.

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Yeah, reminds me of updating my status too. Got one.

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Your reading his answer right now

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ihave no iphone.

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@Spat I feel your pain…

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Poor Coverage in my area and a $30 Data Plan is keeping from getting one!

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My husband wanted to buy one and add it to his business account but they said he had to open a whole new account. Instead he bought an HTC that was actually better.

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I just got myself a 2nd hand Nokia E65. Got 3G, bluetooth and WLAN and all other things except GPS (can be bought in an external bluetooth solution). That is a great phone! Especially for 150 bucks used…

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unfortunately I am one who doesn’t have an iphone….yet…. I WANT one sooo bad….

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I still don’t and I DON’T want one so badly.

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<—Sprint Instinct. We have 4 people sharing 1500 minutes.

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I am not totally sure what an iPhone is, and I’m not really interested.

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I have the Verizon customers version of the iPhone, the iPod touch. :-) Mark my works, as soon as it comes from AT&T…

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My hubby brought me an iPhone home last week. I guess I have arrived. I hate AT&T though.

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No iPhone. No need for it at this time.

Technology is great, it’s just not a “must-have” for me

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i don’t, and i don’t really see the beauty of them. i’m not much of a gadget person though.

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To be perfectly honest, I have never even seen an iPhone. and I have never even asked, I think I mix with the wrong circle of friends Is it a cross between a mobile phone and a hand-held computer?

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@Adagio, And so much more!

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