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Palm Springs, CA or Big Sur, CA for a short weekend trip?

Asked by Yvening_Star (148points) April 2nd, 2012

I have Good Friday off from work and wanted to take a short trip that is conducive to writing, reading, and contemplating what next to do with my life, but that has enough to entertain me when I need a break. I’m debating between Palm Springs and Big Sur (or any Northern CA coastal city—possibly even wine country) for this getaway. Does anyone have preference or suggestions? (I should note I am on a budget and don’t want to spend more than $130 a night on a hotel). Thanks in advance for any help.

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Palm Springs has great weather and shopping, but I wouldn’t consider it a place to get in touch with yourself. I would choose Big Sur, Yosimite, or somewhere else with more natural beauty and less commercial influence.

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Big Sur all the way.

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Big Sur! I would LOVE to go back there! It is absolutely gorgeous.

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Absolutely Big Sur! But if you have any interest in rock climbing/scrambling, make it out to Joshua Tree national park (near Palm Springs) for your next weekend off.

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BIG SUR! Much more attractive than Palm Springs. Or from there do a tour through the JOSHUA TREE NP… THIS is worth it.

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Big Sur or Mendocino would be my suggestions. The wine country is fun but not as dramatic scenery-wise and will be very expensive, as will Palm Springs.

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Big Sur is much more scenic. Palm Springs is very desert-like.

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Without question Big Sur. You’ll have no cell phone service or TV signal. It is beautiful, and the perfect place to contemplate a major life choice.
It is my favorite place to get away.
That said, your $130 might not go far. Better bring food with you, and make reservations.

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Another vote for Big Sur. I don’t know what the rates are since it’s been a long time since I was there, but check out the TicklePink for a place to stay.

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Ok, so clearly we’ve convinced you to go to Big Sur. I forgot to mention it because I thought it was obvious – you’re camping, right? Camping is the way to go. Plus it’s much cheaper.

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Totally Big Sur, but don’t expect it to be cheap. One place you might try is Esalen. They often have writing workshops, and it is an out of this world experience to spend a weekend there.

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Im in palm springs now and if you get off th beaten track and into Joshua Tree or some of the canyons it can be quite spectacular.

It all depends on whether you like desert or forest.

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