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Advice on visiting Napa?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) February 5th, 2010

My husband and I would like to go to Napa in March. What airport should we fly into? What hotels should we check out? We are looking for a hotel close to restaurants and vineyards, or that offers shuttle service to downtown Napa. A pool and spa as well. Four stars.

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You ccan fly into SFO or Oakland Int’l and drive up from there. It’s a beautiful drive.
Napa is quite pricey, so be prepared. Napa has superb restaurants there, so be sure to try at least one. I don’t really drink so I can’t help you with the winery aspect.

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Whoah, lots of mods. Never thought a post about Napa would be so racy…
Anyway. It might be hard to find a shuttle to Napa from OAK or SFO airpirts. You might have better luck in renting a car for your trip. There are lots of great nearby places to visit as well. I would check out for better info on lodging destinations.
One of my favorite wineries in the area is Viansa. They make a lot of Italian wines that you don’t normally see in this region.

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March and Aipril is the begining of a wonderful time to visit so If you have a travel agency or AAA insurance you should get a northern California wine country travel guide, it will show many of the things to see but might not tell you to explore the coast highway as well . You can’t really get lost in this area because there is the cast highway and the ocean, highway 101 around petaluma and then napa and sonoma valley for wineries. If you have a map of the area and rent a car you can see the coast and then take a beautiful winding road that will take you inland to the wine country and your destination. Do some trip planning and you will have a great time on your visit!
pm me if you have other questions an I will try to help, I have lived her all my life and have seen lots of things so if I know where you might be going I can steer you in a good direction.

Following are some helpful sites that could help you have a wonderful trip!

btw- consider flying into Oakland airport, San Francisco tends to be buisey and the drive from Oakland will be nicer…

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I prefer flying into OAK airport because SFO is usually under some sort of construction and it a mess to get from the terminals to car rental lots/shuttles, etc. OAK often has slightly lower fares to fly into also, don’t know why. Napa is about an hour drive from either airport so you’ll need a rental car. Napa valley is filled with bed and breakfasts, many four stars so I’d google that part and compare their locale to whatever wineries you want to tour, there are tons of them. Have you looked to see which have gotten any recent awards or attention? No matter what you choose, it’s really tough to not have a good time there, especially this time of year.

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Fly to Oakland or Sacramento and rent a car. SFO is also fine, but it’s farther away

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Fly into Oakland, and rent a car. You will need it.
Napa is beautiful in March/April. This is bloomtime for the grapes.
The Silverado winery, and the Coppola winery are terrific, but many winerys are wonderful to see.
Stay at least two nights at Calistoga, and have a mud bath and massage. This is close to Napa, but you will need a car. A good place is the Roman Hot Springs.
The worlds best restaurant is the French Laundry. Good luck getting reservations.

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