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What other bands would I like?

Asked by Haleth (19489points) April 5th, 2012

I’m looking for melodic indie rock with a bit of electronic influence. I use Pandora a lot, but it seems like the same songs keep turning up again and again, and maybe I’m missing out on some great acts. You jellies have pretty great taste; any recommendations? Here are some examples of music I like.

one AM radio
fleet foxes
broken bells

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Look up The Most Serene Republic.

I’m listening to them on vinyl right now and they are fucking great. Try the album “Population.” I think that’s what it’s called, I’m listening to it now.

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Maybe these?

Apple Horse – Filthy Halls
Tunng – Bullets
Unkle – Lonely Soul
Final Fantasy – Many Lives → 49 MP

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You might find artists and bands by yourself with

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If you like Broken Bells, I’m sure you’d also dig their singer’s other band, The Shins. I’d also check out Gorillaz, and possibly Foster the People.

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It’s late and I have to work early, but I’m going to check out all the bands here and report back. @CWOTUS music map looks very cool. Great resource!
@Joker94 Good call- I like all of those.

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