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Have you ever started a fire by making microwave popcorn?

Asked by jca (36025points) April 5th, 2012

I was making microwave popcorn before and I overcooked it, and the bag got really hot and smoky. I took it and opened it, and since it was smoky and since I’m paranoid about fires, I ended up putting the bag outside in the cold so it wouldn’t set off the smoke detector, and then I put water in the bag and let it sit in the sink for a while. Of course, I threw it out after that.

I was wondering if anybody on Fluther ever started a fire with microrwave popcorn.

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I never have, but I love how you put the bag outside and then soaked it in water. I am a freak about fire too. When I blow out a match I run it under water before I throw it out. I rarely light candles. I never leave anything flammable on the stove or stored in an oven.

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@jca I’ve never heard of microwaved popcorn catching fire – but it sounds like your instincts were good.

Seriously, though – that stuff is really bad for you. Try popping it over the stove instead.

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No, but back in middle school the fire alarm went off because someone left a popcorn bag in a classroom microwave for too long. The entire school was evacuated before they figured out what the problem was.

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I have burned microwave popcorn many a time, and I can honestly say that have never started a fire with it, nor have I been concerned that I might.

But, if you are ever again concerned that this might happen, using a fire extinguisher or stamping it out would be much more effective as it would likely be a grease/oil fire and therefore would not be easily extinguished with water.

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I’ve never started a fire with it. Our smoke detectors are most unforgiving of cooking excesses, and in a condo, setting them off empties the entire building, leaving the lousy chef most chagrined. So I am obsessively careful about checking the settings. The microwave has a Popcorn button that seems to work beautifully with microwave popcorn bags. So I just have to watch out for fat finger syndrome.

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Just about every time! I hate the microwave popcorn, I think my microwave is super powered and the bag almost always goes up in smoke. I like making popcorn the old fashioned way in a big pot with a lid. I’m bad, I have deactivated all my smoke detectors, pain in the ass they are, I’ll take my chances. lol

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I agree about burning popcorn plenty of times, but never catching fire, which is really lucky. I’ve found that the popcorn button is basically useless so my advice for a normal sized bag of popcorn is to use time 2:50. It comes out perfect for me every time. For small bags, I’d go for 1:50.

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My microwave turns itself off when it detects smoke, but it has done so several times.

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Back in the days when microwave ovens were a novelty and there was no pre-packaged microwave popcorn, we would just put the kernels in a brown paper lunch sack. It routinely scorched and often erupted in flames.

Microwave popcorn uses a special paper bag that is much more resistant to fire, though it’s still possible.

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Yes. It was years ago. I learned a big lesson: Never leave the microwave unattended.

If I had waited even 20 secs longer to come back to the kitchen, I would have need the fire dept. The flames were just shy of our upper cabinets from the inside of our over the range mounted microwave.

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Totally. Me and my friend clo were and the atual micowave exploded the light bulb set fire so did the pocorn bag!! My poor popcorn i was looking so foward to that!! :(

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TOTALLY I literally just did it ahas insane and I had to put it out with a hose.!!!!!

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Nope. I’ve only started two fires in my kitchen. Neither involved the microwave and both were small and contained ; )

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