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Should I make a donation instead of giving a wedding gift?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) May 26th, 2008

The couple only wants contributions to their favorite animal shelter. Do I have to go along?

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I suppose you could go your own way with a gift. But if that is what they want, then why not? It seems like a selfless request from the couple.
But I thought you said on your previous question that they were registered at Tiffany’s.

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I say why not also unless you are morally opposed to the group they are asking you to support.

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Adopt a dog.

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when I got married we asked for donations to be made on our behalf to the MS Society. Since I have MS the cause is very near & dear to our hearts. We could think of nothing more loving to celebrate our marriage as a gift. So, like Marina said, unless you are morally opposed to the charity they selected, then I would. If you are opposed to the charity, then I would pick another on that is representative of them.

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