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What is "red square" a symbol of?

Asked by flo (10304points) April 10th, 2012

What comes to mind when you hear “red square”, as in “our symbol is red square”?

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What comes to mind when you hear “red square” ... Communism.

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Well, if you were asking aboiut ”the Red Square,” I might agree with my fellow jellies above. But you aren’t. Which means this brings nothing to mind. I was thinking maybe of a scrap of red material, square in shape. But other than the associations I have with the Red Square, I have no other associations with “red square.” Although it does rhyme with red scare. But that’s kind of a stretch.

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I thought of “red, right, return”. When entering a port or harbor, a red square indicates stay to port of the signal.

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I have to answer the part of your question where you ask: What comes to mind when you hear Red Square and I’m with @gailcalled. Red Square, in Moscow was the first thing that came to my mind too.

I really don’t know what an actual “red square” might be a symbol of.

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The greatest nation in the entire world. Mother Russia.

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I think of it as a danger button, or the red square with an x in it is the close tab button.

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You may have something else in mind, but Red Square in Moscow is what comes to mind. And having a Moscow policeman indicate with his baton that my foot was partly over the line while waiting to go into Lenin’s tomb. And that my sweater needed to be over my left arm, not my right. (or was it the other way around?)

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What comes to mind? The one in Moscow. Capital R, capital S.

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The only thing that comes to my mind is the one in Moscow, and as a symbol of communism.

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It may be because of my living near the Atlantic coastline, but I think of the tropical storm warning flag when I hear the words, red square.

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I get mixed messages. A square is a symbol of stability and permanence and red symbolizes an alert.

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I think why not orange circle?

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Yes, red square is supposed to symbolize part of the history of Russia. Students who find paying between 12 to 17% of their university education (taxpayer pays the rest) is just too burdensome:) are the ones using it. They want to keep paying the same amount no matter what, or even better pay nothing. They are claiming “in the red”, “unfairly burdened with debt” boo hoo. Trying to capture the support of the guillible, it seems by using the red square symbol. So insulting to the red square victims.

They are wrong about the whole thing anyway but what symbol do you suggest they use in order to not be accused of misleading the public on purpose? Being in the red should be symbolized by what image?

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