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What, for you, is one of the most crazy/surreal/beautiful/etc. film scenes/sequences that you can remember?

Asked by rebbel (31335points) April 11th, 2012

My girlfriend is watching Magnolia at the moment, with her headphones on.
That doesn’t withold the sound of the frogs falling from the heavens coming through to me.
That sequence, the frogs from sky, I like, and it is for me one of the most bizar/surreal ones that I have seen in a movie.
What scene would that be for you?
If possible and/or available, a link would be nice!

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Hahahahaha oh man..
the ending of Salo when there’s two boys dancing with each other while in the backyard there’s people getting mutilated.

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The (NSFW) flower animation from The Wall. It is crazy, surreal and a bit disturbing.

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There are a lot of such moments in The Tree of Life.
My favorite scene might be Death on the beach, from The Seventh Seal

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This scene with Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper is in my top 3 of all time.

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OMG… I just read the tagline from the social section and thought, I have to tell about the frog scene from Magnolia! honest to God! and then that is what you had written about too! That scene was the most surreal moment of any movie I’ve ever seen because as you are watching it, it is soooo realistic that you have to stop after a few seconds and say, “wait, that can’t happen!” but it seems so realistic in the film. It is one of my top 10 fave movies! great question!

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Maybe it’s considered cliche for .. I don’t know.. snooty movie people.. but I always liked What dreams may come

Somewhere around the 5 minute mark in the linked video.

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The beginning of Gummo. Granted, the whole movie’s fucked up, and this is the perfect opening. It’s not so much what you see (although, it is, too) rather than what you hear…the guy describing what happened to the town…it’s like, stop talking alreadyyy! Gaah. He’s got a way with words, and his voice is so haunting… And then it cuts off to some kid with a bunny hood messing around on a bridge while some farm song is playing…this scene is great for saying to the viewers; yall just don’t know what you’re gettin into.

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Oh my god…..The Formation scene from Tree of Life.

It almost made me cry, and I’ve never even come close to crying from any movie.

Edit: Here’s the full scene.

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This scene from Suicide Club is pretty surreal and disturbing. Don’t watch this if easily upset. The whole movie is pretty weird and intense. Unforgettable.

I love the frog scene from Magnolia too!

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@Earthgirl Heh, I’m interested in this. The end part with all the blood everywhere…not trying to be distasteful or crass, and maybe it’s because of the music, but it seemed kind of comical how it all sprayed everywhere. O_o

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The ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey, after Bowman discovers another monolith orbiting Jupiter. Especially the scenes with Louis XVI furnishings…

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Symbeline Yeah, it’s comical in a weird disturbing kind of way. You just have to see this movie to get the full impact. I saw it years ago and it has really stayed with me. The director Kinji Fukasaku has another movie called Battle Royale that they say is the forerunner to Hunger Games.

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I’m gonna see about checking it out. Seems interesting.

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Almost any scene in Mulholland Drive could be classified as the most bizarre/surreal thing I’ve ever seen. But if I had to choose one scene, it would have to be a scene I call the Transition. The Transition is a pivotal scene in which the unreality (the dream) ends and transitions into reality. It’s really complicated, bizarre, creepy, and surreal. And unfortunately I have no link and describing it would take paragraphs. But it really is my favorite scene in any movie.

There are several good clips from Mulholland Drive on YouTube, but the Transition isn’t one of them. Here’s a different scene, the meeting with the Cowboy, which rivals it in surreality and always confuses/mystifies people who watch this movie with me:

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Kung Fu Hustle Harpists Fight

This scene never grows old for me. It’s visually stunning.

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@DominicX – Amazing movie!

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Many, many scenes from Apocalypse Now. The boat ride in the original Willy Wonka. Twin Peaks.

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It’s not really a scene… this is the official trailer of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. It was too hard to pick a scene or two, or even to pick just one film. I may have more films later. The whole movie, all of Brazil, is a series of some of my absolute all time favorite crazy/surreal/beautiful/etc. film scenes/sequences

But, o.k., here are a few scenes.

And of course, The Ministry of Information scene, just for the brilliance of the staging/blocking and the choreography of it, if nothing else.

I just love that damn movie. :-)

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And here is beautiful scene, though maybe out of contezt, if you don’t know the film, it may not seem so beautiful, from another one of my absolute favorite films, Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire. Perhaps one of the scenes that is more visually beautiful might have been better but it is past my bedtime :-), way past, an dI will be up all night if go searching on youtube for morel

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The opening scene from the pilot of Breaking Bad . You haven’t the slightest idea of what is happening yet it sucks you in immediately. By the end of the show, everything makes perfect sense – and you are hooked.

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There are so many scenes from Emir Kusturica’s films that are memorably weird: an elephant stealing someone’s shoes, an entire band trussed up on a tree, a man sharing a suitcase with a hand grenade are just three from the film ‘Underground’. But the most memorable scene for me is this one from ‘Black Cat, White Cat’. Enjoy!

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Thank you, @all!

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