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What is the best television drama series ever?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) May 26th, 2008

For my money the best drama ever on television was St. Elsewhere.

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I think it was The Twilight Zone. It consistently made me think. Some of the episodes have stayed in my mind for decades.

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The Wire.

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I loved Party of Five.
I also loved Six Feet Under
& Let’s not forget the Sopranos!

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Ed. It was on NBC.

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Probably Law and Order or CSI. Both were hugely successful and had tons of spinoffs.

If we’re going for good writing, probably Hill Street Blues, which basically reinvented what televised drama should be.

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24 and House

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Six Feet Under was the first one that came to mind, don’t know if Firefly counts as drama but that was probably the best overall TV series of its kind.

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my favorite series of all time was one that most people didn’t get into & it got canceled fairly quickly – Canivale. i loved it!

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@PupnTaco I knew you had excellent taste! Firefly was an awesome (sorry, gailcalled, but I really need the word here) show!!! Now, tell me you liked The Tick with Patrick Warburton and I’ll consider that I could have a second soul mate out there.

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Weeds. Its by far the most creative, original, and funny show ive seen in a long time.

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I thought Homefront was great. It was about coming back to the US after world war 2. It grappled with all kinds of social issues through its complicated story line. Probably too complicated, it didn’t last long enough.

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I’ll echo johnpowell and jojo42 and say The Wire.

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Weeds is great if “drama” includes dramedy. Anything Whedon is pretty good, too.

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I am gonna go with:

MASH, Twilight Zone, Archie Bunker.

They dealt with issues that were untouched in television before

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I think St. Elsewhere place is often thought of as the best. Before my time, but first medical drama; also where Denzel Washington got his start.

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ER is great too, and pretty epic.

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The XFiles or The West Wing

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I concur with previous posters…...The Wire is the best.

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@ Marina, I never plugged into The Tick live action, but I’ve heard good things.

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I will watch anything with Patrick Warburton in it. He is even funny in that fairly lame show Rules of Engagement.

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GD Kimble is right. It’s The West Wing.

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I love weeds, lost, law and order(s)

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The Wire, followed closely by West Wing. Things with ‘w’ in the name.

And, c’mon. I love Lost, but “the best?” I’ll go with addictive and compelling, but not any farther.

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Prison Break, the first two series were fantastic

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The Sopranos, hands down.

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I have to say Buffy. It’s highly underrated. The more I watch it, the more I love it. I just finished watching the whole series for about the 5th time and it always takes me a few weeks to shake it off. It’s so emotional! I can’t help that I’m a dork. Though, depending on how LOST ends, it may be a close second or even equal.

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