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How do I make diacritical marks for pronunciation in foreign languages on my keyboard?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32652points) April 18th, 2012

I want to type some Hawai`ian words, and they require marks above some of the individual letters.

This is a rudimentary question to some, but I simply don’t know how to make those marks using my standard US English keyboard. I don’t even know how to put the accent marks over the e in some words.

How is it done?

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Click on help or your office assistant when you are in Word and ask, it will give you instructions. That’s what I always do, because I never remember. On my iPad I just hold the letter for a second and all the choices pop up.

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If you are in Microsoft Word, you can click on the Insert menu, and one of the options is Insert symbol… It’s not a shortcut way of doing it, but it will let you see the different options without having to remember the shortcut for each one. (If it’s the same letter repeated I then tend to highlight it once it’s in the text, then do CTRL + C to copy it so I can just do CTRL + V to paste it whenever it comes back…)

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When I’m in Word, I use Insert as mentioned above.

Otherwise I usually take the easy route and Google a word that I know contains the mark, or find a page of diacritical marks and just copy and paste:

Õ   ü   é   Ä


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I didn’t copy paste. There are instructions like CNTRL and the letter, stuff like that. Copy paste would take a long time writing a full document I think.

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If your OS is Windows XP or something similar: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map.
At Character Map: Use Unicode as your character set.
Click on the character you want to use > Select > Copy > paste.

The following might not be available to you if you don’t have a numerical keypad on the right side of your keyboard:

Go to
Select a character from the “Extended ASCII Codes” part in the bottom half of the table.
Go to the numerical key pad on the right side of your keyboard.
Ensure that the Num Lock key is on.
Hold down the Alt key and enter the numerical code to the left of the character, using the numbers on the right-side numerical keypad.
Release the Alt key.
Example: 129 gives you ü.

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Here is a link that you can print and keep by your computer if you were unable to find the answer by asking the office assistant on your computer, or if the answers above were unhelpful.

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Thanks, everybody. I think I’ve figured it out.

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