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IPhone obsolete?

Asked by Notreallyhere (728points) May 26th, 2008 from iPhone

Is the new LG touch better than the iPhone?

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i dont personally think so, i think the lg touch’s screen feels like crap. The iphone’s screen is glass and completes the package. The lg’s feels like a standard touch screen making it in my eyes nothing new.

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How about capability?

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not really. Apple is such a great company, they care about their consumers, not just the profits. When the iPhone got a HUGE price cut, they gave a rebate back to early buyers. That shocked me. They gave back so much money that was rightly their’s…just to please their customers. And they’re constantly updating it to make it better. And it’s looking like a new model is coming out at WWDC. But apple still plans on updating the current iPhone to 2.0! They could just leave it be and that would make a new iPhone sell even more…but they don’t. They’re still looking out for us early owners! I’m pretty sure LG doesnt do that…

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what kind of capability are you looking for? The iphone will have a app store in itunes come next month. Does lg have that? Nopers Apple wins.

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The LG Zack is obsolete.

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ok…I can go to sleep in peace now

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ah! Sleep! That sounds like a GREAT idea. Best thing I’ve read on fluther all night!! ; )

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Apple care(s) about their customers” – are you kidding me ?

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What is there to kid about?

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Maybe you should digress a little bit more about your troubles with Apple before bashing them. Tell us your side of the story.

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the garmin phone Is going to kick mucho ass.

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Ok i have worked for apple for over three years now. And let me be clear – once your warranty runs out apple will screw you over. For example, when you go to buy memory for your macbook, apple charges you 200 bucks. You can get the same memory for 50 bucks on newegg

The overpricing isn’t really how it simply does not care about people stuck with older versions of its products. For example, the fancy firmware on the new video ipods and nanos is compatible with the previous generation of ipod videos. But apple will never let old video ipod users have it. Every other company even microsoft lets consumers upgrade their older products. Apple doesnt. And did you guys seriously forget the whole iphone price-cut fiasco ? Even that 100 bucks return didn’t make it right for the people who payed $ 600.

behind the whole Steve Job’s reality distortion effect, Apple is like every other corporation out there – its goal is to make money.

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I do like apple but Im gonna have to say that they do alot of things to make them seem more personable and caring because for a long time they were stuck in the shadows. Right now they do some minimal things to boost their popularity and seem like a unique and customer oriented coming but as stated above they are just out for money. They charge alot for most things and as soon as they are on top I think you will see alot less of these nice gestures. I mean so much of their products require additional purchase and don’t come cheap. Was it really needed for them to recess the headphone jack on the iPhone?

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mirza, every company in the world screws you once your warranty is over, so no need to single Apple out there. I can say from personal experience that their in-warranty service is the best I’ve ever experienced. My friend also has one of the greatest customer service stories I’ve heard where Apple sent him a new battery, without him contacting them first, because they suspected his “wasn’t up to their expected quality”. That blew both of us away.
There us an awful lot of anti-Apple FUD thrown around by some Microsofties, but my experiences have all been exceptional with Apple, so yes, they’ve earned a certain amount of loyalty from me.

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@mirza. one thing that i thought was cool, is that my macbook warranty ran out, but since i bought leopard they extended my phone support for a year. just some little things that I like. they may not do it for everyone but they are at least getting one happy customer – me

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