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Whats with "zack"?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) May 26th, 2008

is there a fluther inside joke that im not a part of? am i butted out of the collective? i often see kevbo implementing “zack” in his answers. am i being stalked?

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It’s just lurve. :)

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Different Zack, Zack. There’s a troll in our midst. I know you’re a good guy. Sorry if you felt implicated.

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“zack” was this childish little kid that would create different names, and harass everybody he could. He even made an account with a similar name as lovelyy’s and pretended to be her! He has said some pretty degrading things to me, and other flutherite’s. So sorry, we aren’t talking about you. Why would we? You leave great answers. And you are not being stalked! Haha.

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The other zack a.k.a. a dozen different screennames befits the definition of stalker. You, my flutherite friend, are a wonderful read.

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Babo loves YOU Zack!

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