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What are some light and comfortable Summer shoes I can wear with shorts?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) April 21st, 2012

I’ve always worn flip flops, and don’t like those clunky sneakers. So, I’m not sure what shoes to wear.

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Fisherman sandals? Google it.

Keen brand kinda-shoes/kinda-sandals are really, really popular among my friends, but we’re 45+ years old so take that into consideration.

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What about painting your feet to look like sneakers and go barefoot?

Who would know, but you?

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Get some sort of slide sandal don’t get one that is too closed in if you are used to flip flops. Some of the better brands have really good support for the feet if you want something like that, but if you are used to flip slops you probably don’t care.

I have a pair of Nike that are made of a matrial good near the water, all the sports brands make them. I bought mine a DSW for a good price. I wear them whenever I think it might rain during the summer.

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I like docksiders on men and there is a huge selection.

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My link is not working, I don’t know why.

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I meant to put this in social….

@jaytkay I like those, but I couldn’t pull that off, lol.

@JLeslie Thanks, but I have slide sandals :)

@chyna I’ve always liked those, but have wondered if I can pull it off. They remind me of the Sperry boat shoes.

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I’m a big fan of Merrell. They are very comfortable and exceptionally well made.

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@Blackberry I think you can definitely pull of docksiders.

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lol fashions ebb and flow, we hated Topsiders in the 70s, they were frat-boy shoes

Speaking of fashions going in and out – how about Chuck Taylors? Weejuns?

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@jaytkay hahaha the Weejuns reference got me. Brought back memories!

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We need to narrow down your choices.

@Blackberry is this within the realm of possibility? If not, why not?

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Along the same lines, but very lightweight, you could go with these.

Canvas boat shoes.

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@jaytkay I like it, but it does look like it’s for a more sophisticated older male?

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If you have never experienced the magic of Birkenstocks, you are missing out.

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My SO loves these from Banana in warmer weather. And he also happens to be a handsome black guy ;)

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Since you’re used to wearing flip-flops, why not upgrade to a nicer, leather pair?

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I like Keens, but wow, they make your feet smell even though they are open!

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@Facade – I thought they were called Italian loafers and yes, they are very good looking shoes.

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