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What kind of women’s boots should I buy for maximum style, comfort, and to get the most bang for my buck?

Asked by Emilyy (2133points) April 2nd, 2008

I need to buy a pair of pretty basic black boots for everyday wear that can be dressed up or down. I would wear them with skirts and dresses mostly, but also with jeans. I’d probably want them to be mid-calf with a small heel or no heel. I want them to become a staple in my wardrobe so I’m willing to spend a little more money if necessary (probably up to $400), and I don’t want anything too trendy that will go out of style right away.

Does anyone have any recommendations of a good brand of women’s boots that have offered comfort and style and also stood up to the test of time? If I’m going to shell out the cash I don’t want them to wear out after one season of wear! Thanks!

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I have a pair of boots—exactly what you are describing, from a brand called Miz Mooz. I bought them at a store in SF called Shoe Biz, a few years ago. They have a flat heel, come to mid calf, zip up the back, and have a scrunched black leather that looks great. I wear them with jeans or with skirts. They only cost me $119 and have lasted for 3 years so far (and I wear them all the time and walk a lot in them). I am not sure if Miz Mooz still makes one with a flat heel but you should google them and check it out…

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My favorite shoe brand is Franco Sarto. They are in most department stores. They are really comfortable (I have had a pair for over seven years) and classic. I am not a big fan of their website because I don’t think they update it enough. But give them a try. I would think that they would cost between $80 – $200 depending on the style.

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I second the Franco Sarto recommendation; his stuff rocks and has staying power. usually has a good selection of his stuff. They’re really easy to walk in and maintain.

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If you’re willing to go for a more expensive brand, I highly recommend Donald Pliner. They’re very well made, comfortable, stylish, and last long. Another recommendation: check out websites that sell shoes, like Bluefly, Endless and Zappos. You can usually find great sales and discounts, and shipping and returns are free. If you find something at a store be sure to google it and see if you can’t find it cheaper online. Several times I’ve seen something cute in a store and found it 10–40% cheaper on these sites. Your timing is really great—since we’re now at the end of the season, you may find some really great deals on clearance, either in store and online.

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Yeah, great suggestions, all! I can’t wait to start shopping! I was hoping to get some deals since it’s the end of season. Thanks for the suggestions, Angelina.

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I don’t know how well this translates to women’s fashion, but I have worn the same style boots for the last five years and have found them to be both stylish and practical. I am a bit of a conservative when it comes to boots, so I like to keep it traditional with chippewa boots. This company has been making boots for 100 years, so they are all hand made and of the finest quality. Here is the women’s version of my boot. They can be waterproofed, last close to two years with daily use on my motorcycle, and in my opinion look pretty good dressed up or down. These are really the authentic item and you can tell when compared with one or the newer rippoffs like Fly’s

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i would say uggs but you did say maximum style.


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I lucked into two pairs of great books earlier this year at a little store in Washington DC that was closing out for the season. The brand is Studio O – new to me but fabulous! They’re comfortable and pretty nice looking as well. I wear them with jeans, skirts/tights etc. I have them in black pebble leather and brown croc. Maybe try googling the brand?? Agree with

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