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Would you have used your hands as a soccer defender?

Asked by Charles (4815points) April 21st, 2012

If you were a soccer defender and the opposing team took a shot which would no doubt score, would you use your hands to block the shot as this guy did here (on this great 44 second video)?

“World Cup 2010: Luis Suarez Dramatic Handball”:

Ironically, the subsequent penalty kick was missed (also on the video), so the defender’s action paid off.

Some people I’ve spoken with told me they wouldn’t block it with their hands as this is a rule violation. But so what? There’s a penalty kick to deal with violations. Besides, the NBA has intentional fouls, this soccer player committed an intentional foul that paid off.

Would you have done the same?

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First of all, it is called football you uncultured sw
Secondly, no. It is against the rules and is punished by a penalty shot during which the opposing team can line up the shit without interference.

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Of course. It’s a no-brainer.

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An intentional handball is a red card too. I would do it depending on the situation. I wouldn’t want to gimp my team for a whole game (and the next game if you are someone like Suarez, who is the second best player on Uruguay), so I would only do it in the round robin stage or the final if it was near the end of the game and that one goal would really matter. For the most part though, I try to be a clean player. One yellow, no reds for the 15 years or so I’ve played.

By the way, Suarez is a striker, not a defender.

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As the rules are now, I certainly would, depending upon the clock. A go-ahead goal late in the game all but seals the victory. It would be worth the risk in an important game as @amujinx just noted. This action could be easily remedied by automatically awarding the goal to the shooting team. Of course, this would only be called if the ref believed that the handball was intentionally used to stop a goal (similar to goaltending in basketball).

I remember watching the Luis Suarez Dramatic Handball during the World Cup. There was so much talk about how Suarez had jeopardized the integrity of the game. I didn’t, and still don’t understand the indignation, especially when incessant “flopping” is still so widespread and is just viewed as part of the game.

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I can’t really tell what happened, I watched it a few times. Did that player try to score a hit by hitting the ball with his head? As far as I know, you can only use your feet. I would have blocked it with my hands, since that shot shouldn’t count anyways.
And anyways, if I see a ball coming to smash all my teeth in at 782 miles per hour, of course I’m using my hands, if I can’t get the hell out the way. Then again that’s probably why I don’t know anything about sports.

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@Symbeline You can use every part of body except your hands and arms, so that would have been a good goal.

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Aaah. So I guess maybe the goalie’s reflexes just kicked in too fast?

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@Symbeline The goalie was out of position because on the initial pass into the box, the receiving player looked like he was going to head it on goal, so the keeper ran out to try and stop his shot. Instead the player headed it to another player, and made the goalie scramble around off his line, and therefore, out of position. If the initial header was a shot and not a pass, it would have been nearly impossible for the keeper to make the save if he didn’t do what he did, so he played as right as any keeper would be able to in that circumstance.

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It is deemed very unfair what he did.
Fortunately his team was kicked out of the championships soon after.
Suarez is, in my eyes, a spoil sport and a cannibal, a diver, a racist, and a backstabber.
And quite a good football player.

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@ragingloli It’s called a penalty kick you dopey shit…...silly bugger.
Not withstanding the fact that Suarez has since proven himself to be a right head of a dick, handling the ball like that is of course cheating, but the harsh reality is that a hefty proportion of footballers would & indeed have done the same thing, probably through instinct & an intense desire to win.

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I really don’t understand why so many people were so upset at this. There are other sports where this would be looked at as a smart penalty (hockey, basketball), and a whole lot less cheap than this famous goal. I have more respect for Suarez’s penalty than I do this, or this or these (and continue the diving clips until I find one for just about every current footballer…)

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