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Dutch words [#1]: What do you think is the meaning of this Dutch word: Ammehoela?

Asked by rebbel (24950points) April 23rd, 2012

Without looking the word up, what do you think is the meaning of that word.
A little hint: It is an expression.
The sound, the vowels in it, the look of it; what does it mean/what should it mean?
C’mon Fellies, show your creativity!

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It means, “I’m drunk and I’m getting home late and my wife is going to tell me to pound salt!”

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It means, that bitch that stole my boyfriend/husband has just tripped over her own drunken feet and fallen face first into a big vat of guacamole.

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roughly translated as “It is my hula hoop, mother f-er. Get your own or go pound salt”

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In turkish, it looks like ‘public toilets’.

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You can’t say that on Fluther! You’ll tell us, alstublieft?

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it means wotthehell mehitabel!

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Looks like assh*le to me.

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Is it on this list?

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I’m an asshole, eh?

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You read like I do @Plucky :D

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So nu, rebbeleh – what does it mean?

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Imma holla… to my dawg yo, sup?

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Nice tries, nice finds!
It does mean “Not in a thousand years” or “No way (Jose)” or “I don’t give a damn” or “Fuck you”.
It is an allusion on the Shah of Afghanistan, Amanoellah Khan, and it refers to his people kicking his ass from the throne while he was abroad.

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