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In your current relationship or marriage, what changes does your s/o need to make to improve your lovelife together?

Asked by john65pennington (29240points) April 25th, 2012

This question is not specifically aimed at the love-making portion of your relationship. It’s about changes that your mate needs to make in him/herself, to make your togetherness more compatible with you. Example: my wife insists that I lower the commode seat for her, after I am finished. This is not a big deal to some people, but it may be a major problem for others. It’s the little things I am looking for that ticks either one of you off and your relationship suffers.

Question: in your current relationship or marriage, what changes does your s/o need to make to improve your lovelife together?

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She needs to be an entirely different woman. Ba Dum Chhh!

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He needs to spend one hour with me a month in my office helping me go through some paperwork.

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Nowt, she just has to change…..into something more comfortable, i.e butt naked & i’m good to go.

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None as the question is asked. Little things, such as not driving fuel efficiently, or using 90% of a container of a food ingredient when preparing a dish (why not just use it all?), leaving the lights on, etc don’t affect our “togetherness more compatible with” me.

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He could fall off a bridge on one of his drunken wobbles home either here or abroad. Ba Dum Chhhh!

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The problem with my current relationship needs to start existing. :-/

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We both need to communicate more efficiently and remind each other of the positives going in our life to contrast our complaints about our major stressors.

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We both have the same problem. To be more available. We’re rarely alone. Ugh.

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Nothing, really. I guess I do like for him to cook us dinner. I also like it when he takes out the garbage and I don’t have to. I also like for him to put laundry away. Sometimes I do these things, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t think there is anything that he has to do to make me love him more or to feel more together with him. I already think we’re pretty together.

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Nothing of any substance. He is pretty damn great as far as I am concerned. If he would get things done around here a little faster (like putting in the irrigation system down the side fence) I would be very happy, but it isn’t a major problem. I feel very cherished by my husband. I can’t really want for more than that.

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Touch me first.

(Anywhere will do!)

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Wow, @LuckyGuy , your answer kind of hit me right in the face.
When did I forget that bit of life? I feel kind of stupid when I realize things that should be obvious.

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@wilma I’m glad I made a small difference today.

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