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Gift ideas for a terminally ill child (see details)

Asked by Reggz (149points) April 25th, 2012

I’m looking for simple gift ideas for a young boy with cancer. I should add that I’ve never met him or his family in person, but I have been following his story for years now and I have been in contact with his mother online. I have donated money a few times but I want to do something more… he’s 5 years old so a toy will probably make him a lot happier than money will. I just want to give him something to take his mind off things. Any (fairly inexpensive) ideas??

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Can you contact the Make a Wish Foundation for him? Check with his mother first maybe?

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That is a very good idea – however, he has already gotten a wish from them last year… I’m not sure if a child can be granted more than one??

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I don’t think they do repeats. Is he a sports fan and are any teams, college or pro near him? They go out of their way for terminally ill kids.

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An experience or a visit is worth more than a toy, IMO. Often terminal kids would like to be treated normally.

Can you offer the caregiver a break? That’s also usually missed.

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Maybe arrange a visit to a nearby farm? Most kids love animals. What area does he live in?

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Most 5 year-olds I’ve been exposed to have that one big thing that they talk about all the time.

Like dinosaurs, cars, horses, robots, their favorite cartoon character, legos, baseball, etc. If he’s the same then “the thing” changes pretty quickly and parents don’t want to buy every new toy.

If a toy works out better than an experience I’d ask his parents if he was fascinated with something currently and if it would be alright to get him something related.

If that doesn’t work out, and he’s physically able, then a first bike is always special as well and they don’t have to be expensive for that age. If you’re not located close to them it might be easier to give the family some cash and let him go pick it out at the store. (again, assuming he’s healthy enough to be out and about)

Thanks for doing something wonderful.

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Thanks for the answers so far everyone. We both live in Canada, but at different sides of the Country. I would love to arrange for him to do something fun but it is hard with them living so far away and him being very very ill. That’s why I was thinking of just sending a small gift – I know it’s not much but at least it’s something!

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I guess a get well card wouldn’t work.

hmm, 5 year old

I’d probably say some sort of stuffed freind or something, if he’s scared it can comfort him.

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What about a train set? Something you can add to over time. Or if he is creative, a simple model kit? Something he can build himself, perhaps with some help from his mum or his dad or an aunt or uncle?

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