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What's a really cool site offering wares similar to

Asked by ETpro (34594points) April 26th, 2012

Checking in Google it seems ranks well for its main keywords. They have over 17,000 customer reviews and an Alexa ranking of #3,810 which is quite impressive—even better than nationwide chain But neither of these sites, nor any of the other top ranked ones on Google have the edgy, grunge look I’d think musicians in this genre would gravitate to. What’s a cool looking Web site in the musical equipment, guitars, keyboards, amps, market?

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Probably GuitarCenter is the closest to something grungy. At least more grungy than MF.

As someone who’s ordered from MusiciansFriend and GuitarCenter in the past, though, I honestly don’t care. Musicians’s Friend has a nice, easy to navigate site, and I’ve found that’s a lot better than a neat looking, but not as functional competitor site. Plus their support and return policy is really awesome.

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@DeanV Thanks. It’s awesome to get an answer from someone who has actually shopped for such equipment.

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I’m going to assume you are doing a site and looking for inspiration.

People don’t really want edgy and grunge when buying a Gibson for $1,500. Clean, simple, and professional should work best.

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@johnpowell That’s exactly he concern. Thanks for your input. In fact, Gibson Guitars site is clean and simple.

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I will agree with johnpowell and put in a plug for Elderly Instruments in Lansing, MI. There’s nothing special about their website, but it’s usable, and I care more about price, selection, and buying close to home than flashy web design.

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@submariner Thanks. I took a look at I see that’s it’s using very simple but well-organized design and also that it’s a fluid design, stretching to fill available screen. Nicely done. But I can do better. :-)

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