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What does it mean when you dream that an old friend has the same tattoo as you?

Asked by PatE_Mac (9points) April 27th, 2012

in my dream i ran in to a friend who at one point was my best friend. no hard feeling we both just did different things with our lives. in the dream she has a tattoo that i now have

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You miss your old friend, and imagine that you still have much in common with her?

That, or it is a sign of an impending bear attack. Watch out.

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It means you see and experience things during certain stages of the sleep cycle.

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Your subconscious feels that you and your past bestie had so much in common that you would even have chosen the same tattoo…even when you haven’t seen each other in years. Dreams are sometimes ideallic.

In reality, you grew apart for a reason. Most likely you don’t have that much in common any longer.

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In dream symbolism, tattoos represent sex.

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