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Are you a "let's give it a day" kind of person? (Details inside)

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) April 27th, 2012

I have recently come to realize that when there is something physically wrong with me I tend to “give it a day (or so)” before heading to see the doctor. Even if the symptoms are somewhat alarming (I’m not talking severe chest pain or trouble breathing type stuff here) I seem to take a “let’s give it a day” kind of attitude to give it a chance to improve on its own. In my case it has proven to be a decent strategy and of course if the symptoms haven’t improved over a matter of time I visit a doctor. I seem to take this approach with my kids as well unless it is an emergency.

So what kind of person are you? Do you “give it a day” or would you rather be safe then sorry and get to the doctor ASAP?

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I never go to the doctor for anything. I know how to handle basic colds and fevers. I’ve also never been seriously injured, so that probably has something to do with it. I’ll only go to the hospital if I’m about to die.

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As I age I give it a lot of days; the only symptom that drove me to the doc’s immediately was a killer sore throat that turned out to be strep.

I recently went because my knees were getting painful and I wanted a script for physical therapy, which I could only get from the doctor’s.

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Yes, I give it a day or so unless it appears to be serious or a sign that something really bad is wrong. I have no aversion to visiting a medical facility; I’ve just learned that many things can heal on their own. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to one’s immune system than taking medication.

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I never immediately think of running to see a doctor for any reason. I also never did it with my kids. My oldest never once saw the inside of an ER. I took my son once as a baby when he had not urinated for over 36 hours. My youngest went three times, twice when she required stitches, and once when she started accessorizing to breathe. I told the admissions nurse who opened up her coat, took one look, and brought her to the back where the first thing they did was give her a cortico-steroid.
I haven’t yet had anything which required medical attention.

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Yep. Every day! I’ve only gone to the ER once in my life. I was in so much pain, wham, out of the blue, in my lower abdomen. But even then I gave it a couple of hours. Turns out I had an ectopic pregnancy that had ruptured. Could have died.
I think I’ve gone to the doctor for myself, for things other than a well-woman check, maybe 3 times in my whole life.

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I gave a broken arm a week. Does that count?

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I’m more like an “I’ll see how it is by the end of the week” kind of person!

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Had the flu 10 yrs ago, took 10 days off, went back to work. Kept coughing for 3 weeks. Went to Dr panting like a dog, chest X-ray. He said all OK keep drinking Robitussin. Next night in ER, next day ICU for 2 weeks in medically induced coma. I was 40 yrs. And otherwise healthy. Ventilator, feeding tubes, and restraints (I was swinging at sepia-toned aliens – Dr and nurses and landed one). Forgot to take acid or PCP as teenager as reference point of mind.
Took months to recover. Still carry scar on both carotids from shunts. But
I embrace them when I notice in the mirror because I’m alive. And am grateful for the team that saved me.

Now get flu shot every year, stay reclusive after the Holidays, and use Purell like I owned the Co.
Since orig. Dr visit was bogus, NO I don’t go unless commanded for Rx.
Prevention is my middle name. It’s worth 10 tons of cure.

So if sometimes I seem harsh or jaded, this is one of the reasons…..and the mind-bending drugs:-)

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I’m not contagious anymore. I won’t cough on next jelly.

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Let’s give it a day, a week, a month, depending on what it is. I’ve mostly made the right choices. Got a tiny rash on my face that both itched and stung. Went to a dermatologist immediately. It was shingles. Got medicated at once and didn’t have to go through months of misery, just a couple weeks of slight discomfort. However, I regret not going sooner to find I had walking pneumonia. It damaged my heart.

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I tend to the give it a day or so school.

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Yes. I completely agree with you. I’ll often give it the week or even more depending in what it is.

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A limb or perhaps my head needs to be hanging off before i’ll take a trip to the quack.

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Almost always, but more like “give it a week”, to my own detriment at times. I’ve finally learned from past experience that when I get a bad cold, it will turn into bronchitis, and my best bet is to start using my inhaler immediately and head straight to the doc for a nebulizer treatment and/or a course of steroids if that doesn’t work.

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I am definitely a “give it a day” kind of person. I rarely see my doctor (she has been my doctor for over 11 years). I do have some health problems, but my doctor usually has to resort to not renewing my prescriptions until I make an appointment & go in to see her.

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I generally give it three days for most things, and for cold/flu/chesty type things, I give it a couple of weeks. But if I had sudden chest pains, I don’t think I would wait.

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I don’t like visiting the doctor and she is in the city so it is a pain in the arse to get there. So yes, I definitely ‘give it a day’ unless it is something severe and I am very concerned (only happened twice and I went to the emergency room on those occasions). Mostly though, I would take a ‘wait and see’ approach.

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I tend to be a “give it a month or two” kind of person. This has cost me dearly.

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Usually, yeah, but there are certain things where you just know you need to see a doctor for, like ear infections.

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@Linda_Owl If my doc wasn’t a man, I’d be wondering if we had the same one! He is always having to refuse my Rx refills until I come in, too. Now that I finally have health insurance again, I plan to be better about getting my testing and check ups done more regularly.

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It depends on the severity of the injury. If it’s something minor, I tend to be a “give it a month” kind of person because I have no insurance. In the event of a serious problem, I would give it a day, then seek medical attention if there was no improvement and reluctantly accept the financial consequences.

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I usually wait a day, or a week. My doc requires me to see him every 6 months – he only writes my Rx for that many renewals. The rest of the time I try hard not to see him, being careful not to catch things and actually using over the counter meds right away when I do (like Mucinex) since I am prone to bronchitis.

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I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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