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Easiest way to get watermark of downloaded picture for my Avatar.

Asked by Salem88 (813points) April 30th, 2012

Sad to say I’m not a wizard like most of you. About to throw my Asus Transformer Prime against my old laptop running Windows XP. Reg. Google browser, not chrome. Should I try to send it JPEG or other format.

Watermarks, who would have guessed, robbed me of an afternoon and won….sigh

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if it is transparent you could mask it and adjusting levels and saturation in photoshop

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How about just going back to the artist and asking if you can? I live in a household of artists, and I wouldn’t want my artwork just taken without permission.

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@ragingloli – it’s from an old classic movie still. Tried adjusting levels of contrast and brightness because it’s black and white film. Didn’t work. Will try to mask it first. Thank you.

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I have done this several times before in MS Paint (I actually made my current avatar on MS Paint). It’s tedious, but it’s doable in any paint program. I zoom in very closely and use the color dropper to select specific colors, and I then blend the watermark over with the appropriate colors. On a black and white still, I imagine that this wouldn’t be too difficult. I’m sure that there are much more efficient and sophisticated ways to do this, but this method has always worked well for me. :)

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It is not easy to remove the watermark for this very reason.

Pay the money for the clear version if it means that much to you.

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@blueiiznh – I….I….I will Sir. And thank you ever so much for letting me live -gulp. You won’t regret she backs out of the room .

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@Salem88 no offense meant. was not meant to feel harse. just giving you the easiest way

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Download GIMP (unless you already have something like it), then get handy with the Clone tool until you’re happy with it. B&W may be a blessing here; trying to match color can be a pain.

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SUCCESS! Thank you @blueiiznh for the PM’s. It was fun but finally just searched the web till I found one that didn’t have a watermark. haha
@Nullo – I had downloaded a similar program but wasn’t going to pay $40 to activate it or whatever they called it for just one picture. Thank you for help.
@Fly – that was my original thought, but knew I’d go “Arrrggg!”
@annewilliams5 – as you can see it’s not art persay. Would never rip off an artist. See my A on Copyright Q from today.
@ragingloli – Going to keep practicing your suggestion. Got good results with other pictures, but the Scout picture I downloaded the first time was very well protected. They wanted their money for sure. After I gave up, the thought hit me, “Just search on Web for another source”. Once again, thank you.

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