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What should I do in Vancouver for 4 hours?

Asked by JLeslie (54555points) May 4th, 2012

I will have about 4 hours in Vancouver, morning until about 2:00pm. We are catching a cruise, and we cannot board until noontime (lastest I want to board is 2:30) and I am pretty sure we will be up at the crack of dawn because of the time change.

I have been to Vancouver before, many many years ago, and loved it. I have been to Stanley Park, and walked around the city, but I barely remember everything we did.

I am considering doing a hop on hop off bus, what do you think? Where would you recommend I get off for a late breakfast or early lunch?

Is Grandville Island interesting and fun?

If I go back to Stanley park, where should I go within the park?

Can we tour Olympic Park? Is that interesting?

I don’t want to just walk aimlessly through the city, I want to pick one thing, check it out, and then get back to the port. My husband is inclined to wait around, get on ship as early as they will us on, and just wait to set sail, so I need to be prepared for what I want to do.

Any other suggestions are appreciated.

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From where the cruise ships dock to where Granville Island is may be a stretch for 4 hours as you’d have to travel through some congested traffic. I love Granville Island, though. Stanley Park is beautiful. You could walk the seawall and get a good view of North Vancouver. For time’s sake you may want to stick with that.

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Call my daughter.

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The Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden is wonderful.

In Stanley Park, if you have never seen it, the killer whale show at the Aquarium is fabulous. They just encourage the whales to do natural whale behaviors (no tricks or anything). But don’t sit right down front or you will get wet. The also have a Beluga whale group.

Here is a good place for dim sum, which would make a great lunch. If you are not up for Chinese, then you would probably enjoy Milestones,, which has a great view of the mountains and really good food.

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Thank you, everyone, for the advice! When we went on the “Geek Cruise” to Alaska, I fell in love. I hope to return to this wonderful area to explore it, and appreciate all of your suggestions.

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Allow for transportation time, as this is not in the center of town, but the Museum of Anthropology is outstanding.

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I second the Museum of Anthropology, but it may not comfortably fit your time frame.

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