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How do I train myself in the ways of bike mechanics?

Asked by blakemasnor (320points) November 17th, 2008

I am looking to get a part time, maybe a full time job at a bike shop. I have purchased a book but would like to know if you flutherites had any knowledge on how I might go about this.

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For me, I learned a lot about my bike from getting into accidents on it and taking it into the shop to get worked on (I know, probably not the most effective or pleasant way to go about learning) BUT! I’m a lot more aware of qualities about my bike than before!
Also, if you have any friends that work on bikes or that are good with them you could ask them to help you learn stuff about it, or even purchase a frame and make a project out of constructing a bike from that.

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Where do you live? If it’s an urban area, chances are that there is some kind of community bike shop where you can learn. There are also bike mechanic schools you could look into. Just do an online search. Happy Riding!

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That book you bought…read it.

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You learn by doing. It isn’t brain surgery. If you know how to fix a flat tire, you know 90% of everything you’ll ever need to know. If you can replace the chain, cables, and brake pads yourself, that covers 9 out of the other 10%.

The late, great Sheldon Brown can tell you everything else you need to know.

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I agree with all of the above. The best way to start is getting in there and doing it. Maybe start by getting an old bike at a thrift store, and rebuilding it. Use that book and online resources. Maybe you have a friend or a local community bike shop you can frequent to get help, borrow tools from and maybe even get good prices on parts. Not much damage you can do by just trial and error!

I second the Sheldon Brown info…very valuable info!!

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go to a local bike collective charity they let you borrow tools for free and will help out too

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When I was a kid I wanted a ten speed bike so bad I could taste it. My dad said as soon as I could take his 3 speed apart and put it back together (down to the cones and spokes), then I could get a ten-speed.

I was 12 and it took all summer but did so much for building my confidence. That translated into having no fear about household projects etc.

I think you get an old bike and rebuild it so you learn the basic structures. Then how the new fangled bits fit in suddenly make a lot more sense.

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