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How many movies were made in 1960?

Asked by Glad2bhear (163points) May 6th, 2012

More and more theatrical films are released to the public each year. By comparison how many movies were made in the 1960s or 1970s [or in any particular year]?

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This site should give you what you want to know, I think. You asked about movies “made” 1960 and I’m hoping what you really want is how many were released in 1960 because that’s the information I have.

These are the films released in 1960

And this is the site’s index for film released 1915 through 2012, so far, by year

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Oops. I screwed up the links. The first one should have been 1960 but it’s the same index page as the second link and obviously will get you there, to 1960.

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general release, or including pron?

US of international?

TV and theater, or just theater?

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@elbanditoroso Damn! I was being Amerocentric again. I hate it when I do that. :-) My link only lists American films but you’re absolutely right. Other countries make movies too. Made for TV movies wouldn’t have been an issue in 1960 because the first one, wasn’t made until 1964. But it’s certainly something that would come into play after that, and also cable movies, both made for TVish things and the kind of films channels that HBO make now that are really the equivalent of theatrical features. And then there are “direct-to-video” films, though they also wouldn’t have been an issue in 1960. Here’s an alphabetical list from Wikipedia

I’m not sure about who might track porn films though, and I don’t really feel like looking into it.

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I like your link and although it might not list every one, it does at least list some foreign films, e.g.

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@Brian1946 LOL. You’re right, it actualy lists quite a few. My brain doesn’t fire on all cylinders at all times and sometimes I just assume that I’m wrong. But sometimes I just assume that I’m right, so maybe it balances out. :-) I’m not sure what the criteria is for listing foreign films on that site is. I think they produce about a thousand 800–1000 “Bollywood” type films in India a year and those aren’t all listed. Possibly feature films that have had international release. I don’t know. And I don’t know, I don’t think, they list shorts, only features.

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