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Can someone help me with my zipper?

Asked by wilma (16452points) May 8th, 2012

The zipper broke on my favorite pair of pants. The metal tab thingy came off. Now it won’t stay locked in the up position and keeps sliding down and unzipping. Not a good look for running to the grocery store. Is there any way to fix this without replacing the whole zipper? These are just everyday work pants, not worth replacing the zipper or spending any money on. I got them at Goodwill. My problem with just throwing them in the recycle bin is that they are my most comfy broken in pair of everyday get my work done pants.
Any suggestions?

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Can you put the metal tab thingy back on with a pair of pliers? Other than that just don’t go commando.

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Which part broke – the tab or the crown (tab holder) on the slider body? Zipper
If it is the tab, you can slip a black wire-tie under the crown and use that as your new pull tab.
If it’s the crown, you’re screwed.

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I used a small paper clip as a tab when I had a zipper break. It worked well.

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The tab is gone and so is the crown. It’s a YKK brass zipper and there is still a very small loop at the top of the crown part. That part is still there. The “teeth” that latch when the tab is down is what is needed to stop the slippage.
@Adirondackwannabe commando at the grocery store, not really a good look for me.

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That seems like a leading question.

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Find a metal safety pin and attach it to the space once occupied by the broken thingy.

Close the safety pin and its ready, when you are.

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@janbb well it is sort of a line out of a movie or something isn’t it? ;)

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It sounds as if the zipper just needs a new slider body. This can be replaced without removing the whole zipper. It’s just a matter of removing removing the bottom stop, taking the broken slider body off, installing the new one, and then creating a new bottom stop with thread.

How to replace a broken zipper slider.

It sounds simple enough, but after looking at a few pairs of trousers, it may be worth it to get a quote from a sewing or alteration shop.

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In line with what @Pied_Pfeffer has suggested, I’d take the garment to a dry cleaner / tailor (the laundromat I use for shirt laundering has a seamstress on premises during business hours for routine button / buttonhole replacement and repair). I’ll bet they could put on a new zipper in no time at all, and at very low cost.

So what if the pants only cost $3 at Goodwill and a new zipper will cost, maybe $5. Forget the sunk cost of the pants; is it worth $5 (or whatever) to have these pants working and looking the way you like? If not, then it’s hardly worth your time, either, is it?

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Sorry man, no can do!

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Since the entire crown part is gone, I think that the only fix will be what @CWOTUS and @Pied_Pfeffer suggest. If I can find another brass zipper in I may try to replace the slider.
Properly broken-in, comfy pants are worth a little bit of work.

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