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Why do stay at your job when your passion is doing something else?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) May 28th, 2008

You work 8hrs+ at one job, but all your spare time you are consumed by an unrelated activity, one on which you invest yourself wholeheartly. What prevents you from taking the steps of going from being just an amateur/hobbyist to becoming a Pro, from doing it part time to doing it full time, from doing it for love to doing it in a way that allows you to earn a full income from it? What would need to happen for you to begin the change process?

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There are a couple of reasons. The first is drearily practical: I’m at a point in my life where I have a lot of responsibility riding on me (putting kids through college, making sure my whole family is insured, paying a mortgage….), so my nice, “safe” government job lets us all sleep better at night. And it helps that I actually like this job.

The second reason is more personal. I’ve learned that turning an amateur passion into a business takes a lot of the joy out of it. I know that isn’t the case for everyone, but I’ve heard plenty of others say the same thing. One factor in all that is that I have no affinity for business. The people I know who’ve happily parlayed their hobbies into businesses are folks who also take a passionate interest in the business side of things. That’s not me. I routinely get commissions to make this or that, but it’s always been for folks I know and have some kind of relationship with. I charge them enough to cover my expenses, plus a pittance for my time. I find the greatest joy in my work when it’s an act of giving. That’s a lousy business model.

When I was a good bit younger, I did leave a career that I hated to go make pastry and, later, chocolate. I was really passionate about that kind of work, and had some lucky breaks that got me quickly up to the top of that field, but after several years of it I noticed how joyless it had become. I was there in my kitchen cranking out all this pricey stuff for folks with too much disposable income, most of whom I’d never even meet. I would much rather have just taken them back into the kitchen, sat them down by the dipping station and popped chocolates into their mouths, with my compliments.

It was at that point that I went out and got my government job : )

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You need money. I don’t know how many singers, actors, dancers, and athletes who would give up almost anything at the drop of a dime to do what they love. The only problem with that is that they can’t make the money they want without making it big(which is very hard to do).

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The bottom line is money and the fear of not making enough to support your current life style. It is sad because I truly believe that if you do what you are passionate about that the money will come if you work hard at it. The transition can be scary and difficult but if you can swing it you will be gald that you did.

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the yuppie Nuremberg effect. We all have bills to pay.

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reality keeps getting in my way!

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The reason i do not quit my job is because i have a great assistant manager. If she wasn’t working there i would have walked out by now. Plus even if i hate alot of people there is always that feeling in my head that i will make someone work when they didn’t have to. i just feel bad when i have to quit or leave even when i have an actual reason. Sorry if i’m babbling i haven’t been on fluther in like a month. : )

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It’s good to have the stability of a regular job, don’t ever discount this! However, I do think it’s good to take a dive after your passions IF you execute proper planning. Nothing will get you in trouble quicker than taking the dive when you’re not ready.

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