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What to do about a button on a video game controller that ''sticks''?

Asked by Berserker (33459points) May 13th, 2012

A PlayStation 3 controller, to be precise. The X button doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t have its bounce anymore when you press it, it takes a while to sink in, and it comes back up slowly. This makes playing games pretty hard, especially with action oriented games where something like jumping can be intensified or repressed, depending on how hard/lightly you press, how long you keep it pressed in and whatnot. The X button on the controller is a main button for many games, so this is sucking.
What causes this, what could it be, and how to fix it? Can it be fixed? I clean the controller regularly, but not its insides…or am I stuck buying a new one? It’s about a year old. Help?

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Could you try some WD-40?

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You can work a little bit of petroleum jelly in and around the button.

It always works for me.

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@Adirondackwannabe Isn’t that lighter fluid?

@Blondesjon What’s petroleum jelly?

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@Symbeline It would work for that. But it’s a lubricant. Just don’t take it too far. :)

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Get a screw driver, dismantle the controller, and wash the non-electronic components. Do not forget to dry it before you reassemble it.

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@Symbeline . . . A popular brand name is Vaseline.

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@Adirondackwannabe lol So maybe it just needs greasing up?

@ragingloli That’s what I thought of doing. But is it complicated? All the parts aren’t gonna pop out at me, and be all impossible to put back in, is it?

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Who knows. I do that sometimes for my mouse and my laptop, no real problems there.
Never opened a controller though. Consider it an adventure.

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@Symbeline A little greasing up always makes life easier.

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@ragingloli Well normally I’d try it, and if it fucks up I’d just buy another one…but stupid PS3 controllers cost like 50 bucks, so if it can be saved, I’ll stick to adventuring in Sly Cooper lol. Until I learn more about taking one apart I mean.

@Adirondackwannabe I like grease.

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Check it. Also, a quick google brought up a bunch of YouTube vids.

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If you do end up having to replace it, buy a used controller. They are MUCH cheaper—I’ve never had a problem with used video game cords and controllers.

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@Symbeline Buttons on the gaming systems can pick up lint and other pieces of shit just like a roller ball on a computer mouse. Plus, if your fingers were sticky ;) or if you spilled anything on it, that will also cause it to become “gummy” and stick. I have taken PS2 controllers apart several times….and its not too difficult. Just pay attention to detail and possibly watch some of those you tube vids that @wildpotato mentioned. Also, save the celebrating for after its fixed. LOL Can you imagine being wasted and trying to put one of those bastards back together?? :)

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