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What are some good sites that have online quizzes?

Asked by jca (36054points) May 16th, 2012

Someone just emailed me a quiz from some educational site, about government, philosophy, etc. You answered all the questions, it gave you your score and showed you the correct answers to the ones you got wrong. It told you the average score amongst college professors and the general population. It was fun and I would like some more sites that have similar quizzes.

Do you know of any sites that have quizzes?

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I don’t know much about this site but I remember @chrisw, who hasn’t been here in quite a while, it seems, linking to a quizz of hers there, on this question.. I found it with a search pretty quickly so am posting the link. But, like a I said, I don’t really know much about the site or if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for but is a site with quizzes, 99,000 quizzes, they claim and it’s all I’ve got. :-)

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Mental Floss

They have some quizzes there as well, but if you don’t want a quiz, it’s still educational. Love, love, love that site.

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@linguaphile, I also love, love, love that site. It (kinda!) tides me over until I get a new issue of the magazine. Bi-monthly? I need me more Mental Floss!

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I just stumbled across this site tonight, remembered your question and thought you might be interested:

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If you have a facebook, you can take quizzes with the app Quotv or something like that. They aren’t quizzes where you try to get all the answers right, they make an answer according to the amount of similarities your questions have. Overall they can be fun, but anyone can make one so you have to find the right ones.

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i am not really sure for this question.sorry.

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I just came across one called Queendom. It’s all kinds of quizzes – personality tests, IQ tests, etc.

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Ran across this question the other day and just happened to find a site new to me with several psych tests Psych Central. I second the Queendom site, an easy way to waste a good deal of time.

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