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If your S/O is getting dragged out to dinner for Administrative Assistant day is it fair if the boss wants you to attend as well?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) May 17th, 2012

Just as it reads. And dragged is the right term. I’ll go and I’ll make it fun but you’d have to know the boss to really understand. Go wild with the humor.

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Order everything on the menu. If it’s a buffet, go crazy my man.

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You know, so many questions are asked that deal with “fair” or “not fair”. That’s not really the question. Fairness – what is it? What’s the yardstick of ‘fairness’? It’s so subjective as to be utterly meaningless. So let’s deal with facts instead.

The boss has invited you and SO to dinner. You have an option – yes or no. The SO probably has less of an option.

If you’re a half way decent SO then you go along because you are decent person and you love your SO. If you’re a shit you have him/her go alone. it’s one dinner once a year and it’s politically a good thing for the SO to have a good relationship with the boss.

So fairness has nothing to do with anything. It’s the right thing to do – not for the boss, but to share and support your SO.

Why would you even think NOT to go?

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@elbanditoroso I said go wild with the humor. You didn’t have to throw common sense and logic all over it. Jeez. GA

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I don’t get it. The boss has inivited his employee and the employees SO right? Sounds like a nice thing to me. I would go if I were the SO, and I would want my SO to go if I were the employee.

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Go and get drunk and puke on the table. Then fall asleep with your face in your plate of food. Party down!

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Quote “Borat” and “Austin Powers” while you’re there. Ask your SO in front of the boss, “Do I make you horny? Because I know I can!”

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@jca That’s the kind of anwers I was after. LMAO.

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Dress like a Domina and your husband like a slave, and lead him around like a dog.

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@Adirondackwannabe is the husband so he would wear a collar and the wife could lead him like the dog he is!

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@ragingloli Excellent idea!
@jca I’m filing that away for future use. :)

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Pull a Mr. Creosote. Puke into a bucket. Stand up and propose a toast, then make backhanded allusions as to how she “got” the position and how you approve as long as you get to hang out at home being a slug. Every time the conversation lags, holler CHICKEN FUCKER!. When you look at the menu, scream and jump up and run while scooping at the floor with the menu. Sit back down and say that all the letters and pictures jumped off and ran away, but you got them back. Offer to shake hands, then pull him into a clinch and try to slip him the tongue. Dry hump his leg. Totally get into it!

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@Trillian ROTFL. Oh that is so good. I want to go out to dinner with you.

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At the end of the night, you must end up in the corner of the restaurant, curled up in the fetal position, whimpering.

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@jca Clothed or unclothed?

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@Adirondackwannabe: Underpants only.

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@jca Ok, I’ll invest in a quality thong.

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Just make sure you dress and act as a proper lady.

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Get a big milkshake and slurp it loudly at the table, with a long straw, while looking the boss in the eye.

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