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Whats a good program to take automatic snapshots for Windows ?

Asked by mirza (5042points) May 28th, 2008

I googled and heard some good stuff about TimeSnapper. But the problem is it costs $ 40 and more importantly requires me to upgrade to .net 2.0 framework which slows down my computer. I need something that will take automatic screen snapshots every minute or so. If you dont know of any automatic tool, i would also like some suggestions for some lightwieght awesome snapshot tool.

Why do I need a screen snapshot tool ? I am trying to create a video like this

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LOVE it.

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Wink might do what you want. Completely free.

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Printkey ( is a good utility, but I don’t know for sure if you can set it to take screen shots automatically.

I’m fairly certain you can do this with FRAPS though.

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if you have a new pc it comes with a program called snipping tool. its under accessories

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A macro editor might be able to do this, too, by sending the right keystrokes at timed intervals. My favorite is MacroExpress, but I’m sure there are free versions at

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If you check out the comments on the video you linked to, Chad claims he used an application called TimeSnapper. You could check that out if you’re looking for similar results.

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@richard: thanks for the insight, but as i said in the ques. description it costs $ 40 and more importantly requires me to upgrade to .net 2.0 framework which slows down my computer. I ended up creating my own screenshot tool to do the trick in Visual Basic instead

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Oh god, sorry! I read your description but didn’t take in the name of the application. Feeling stupid now. :) What was it you made, if you don’t mind me asking?

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@richard: i was basically just trying to brush up my design skills. So I re-created this background image from casio’s lab site

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