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How do i repel mosquitos other than deet and citronella candles and lamps?

Asked by buster (10239points) May 28th, 2008

The little buggers are everywhere. Off helps some but im still getting bit.

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Try Skin-So-Soft by Avon

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Is there a local plant you can use? Over here we have a bush called a ngaio that you can rub yourself with to repel biting insects and it handily grows where your most likely to encounter the little buggers.

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Stand next to me, I’m the Alpha Donor. Seriously though, I’m waiting for answers What I need is sunscreen that has bug off stuff in it, for sensitive skin, no less. I found some stuff in New Hampshire a few years back that claimed to have no chemicals and whatever it was, it kept the bugs off, but I haven’t been able to find it on the west coast.

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The only long-term solution is a screened-in porch or a mosquito net jacket

I used to wear one in Lake Placid in June when I tried to garden and was devoured by black flies.

The outfit is extremely sexy and flattering. (The only problem is if a biting insect gets inside it.)

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@gail. How fetching! I need one for a formal (outdoor) wedding this Summer, but alas, they are out of the jacket. I could probably buy a bunch of them and sell them to the other guests.

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@See: It is a hot item, I know. So, try these sites.

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If you burn something, not a citronella candle or any kind of candle, but actually burn something, like wood or paper or leaves, they’ll probably leave you alone.

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bug zappers

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I find a solution of sugar water applied liberally to the skin usually does the trick.

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I second the Skin-so-soft aproach; I used to work at a pharmacy, and although avon have not gone through the process of getting their product listed as a repellant, it does the trick. There’s also a good natural solution that’s made from the seed of a specific flower (although I can’t remember what!). It’s preferred to DEET because it’s pet-safe, and we have a guy who comes and sprays our yard every summer with it.

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Skin-so-soft does not work for some of us whom biting insects find particularly delicious.

The organic spray is Pyrethrin (from chrysanthemums).

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I used to get bitten all the time. In 1980 I got hepatitis from some greasy spoon and since then the little buggers leave me alone. I guess my blood must smell bad to them. Weird, but the only good thing about me getting the hep.

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Did I hear something once about using a vanilla-water mixture? Or was that for a different insect? What ever it was for, it works – think it was misquitos.

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I’m not sure if they work well or where you can buy them but, I have seen little electronic devices you can wear on your body that make a sound mosquitos do not like.

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do mesquitos have ears?

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It may be southern thing but I grew up hearing that if you were to drink dill pickle juice (I suppose a cup would do it) that it keeps those pesky mosquito off.

It seem to work when I was younger and I suppose you could always give it a try if you can get past the strong taste.

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“Juniper Breeze” body spray from Bath and Body Works works surprisingly well, and it doesn’t get gross like bug spray.

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it just smells kind of gross….IMO

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