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Do you know what you've been in your past lives?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5493points) May 19th, 2012 from iPhone

Suspend your disbelief in reincarnation. Just for fun, what have you been in your past lives? What brings you to this conclusion?

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Um. An African. In Africa.

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A baobab.

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I would be a 16th Century Japanese sword maker.
Moritaka – a technical guy, who understood chemistry and physics.and believed in (and profited from) a strong army.

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I was a rainbow many times. I had this whole thing with refracting light, so….
Then I knocked about the universe as a particle of negatively charged anti matter until I had my form inadvertently destroyed by a passing comet.
Most recently I was leviathan, and contrary to the stories, I did NOT swallow that sniveling coward, Jonah. I carried him between my cheek and gums where he wedged between my teeth.
I stayed out in the ether sulking about my bad rep until 1961. This life has been fairly sweet, but I suspect I’ll be back again.

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I was a sheep herder in Croatia banging blonds with big noses in my spare time.

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A skullery maid in a large British estate, ala Downton Abbey.

If anyone has seen the show, they often show the servants quarters, which look much more beautiful in their simplicity of style (kind of like Shaker-style) and much more comfortable to me than the super ornate and fussy living quarters of the lord’s family. I imagine myself to be like Daisy, in her pretty pink shirtwaist and apron. Although I hope I wouldn’t be as stupid as she is.

I also love the huge downstairs kitchens with the windows at ground level and the huge walk in fireplace. It looks romantic on TV, to be a cook in a huge British estate, but I’m sure in reality, it was not fun at all.

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A horse, my penis was donated to me as a kind of “leaving present” & to this day I wear it at all times.

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Supreme Commander of the 6th Fleet in Vega. Our minds are transferred into cloned replacement bodies when we die.

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My mom used to say my dad was a wire in his past life as his room is full of gadgets and wires and radios and wires and junk and wires.

I would have been empty soda can because my wife says she knows if been somewhere because of all the empty soda cans I leave around.

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Are we allowed to guess what other jellies may have been in a former life?

I expect that @gailcalled might have been a governess in a French aristocrat’s home.

And that @Coloma may have been a pioneer woman making her way across the U.S. in a covered wagon during the gold rush era. Can you imagine herding geese across country?

And that Auggie might have been one of those dancers at the Moulin Rouge that Toulouse- Lautrec liked to paint. Like the woman in the red stockings

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I was a wino, a president, a thief, and a fireman. Oh, and I was the terminator.

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Star stuff.

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A eunuch in a harem. The favorite eunuch in the harem. The one all the harem girls wanted. And none were jealous over. Oh yes. I was this in multiple past lives throughout the generations. I must have done something wrong in my last past life, but surely I will be a eunuch again in a future life.

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Why would you want to be an eunuch?
You would be like Tantalos at the lake, ravaged by thirst, and whenever he tried to drink, the water would recede away from him.

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@ragingloli Hey. It’s a past life. What do I care if I reproduce or not? As long as I get to make all the girls happy, I’m a happy happy guy.

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I’ve been a witch and a cat, several times. In one of my past lives, I was an incredibly kinky sex goddess. That was fun.

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Modigliani’s muse.

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A Bassett Hound.
If you’ve seen me, you’ll know it’s not much of a stretch.

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A wise woman in a cave. Stinky since bathing was not a regular activity.

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I had a dream once that seemed like a memory of being a rich, rich teenage girl in 1905 England, running through a mansion. If past lives are real, I’d think that was one of my past lives.

I bet I was a Civil War soldier or wife and am pretty sure I was burned at stake at one time or another.

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I’ll happily take what @Kardamom has assigned to me. Pretty sure I’ve also been a cat. At least I hope so.

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An ancient scribe.

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No, @ZEPHYRA . That was ME. I’M the ancient scribe. Get off my tablet!

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I’m pretty sure I was a cat. I hope I fuck up as a human, and go back to cat form, so I can be small enough to lay on entire pillows. And get fed, eat from cans, see ghosts and chase bugs.

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@Symbeline – sounds wonderful

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