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Who or what inspires you and why?

Asked by BIRDistheWORD (141points) May 20th, 2012

We all have that someone or something that inspires us. What’s yours?

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Nikola Tesla, Frederick Douglass, His Holiness, the Dalai Llama. Don’t have time to get into it, gotta run!

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I’m inspired by optimistic, curious, inventive and creative personalities, period.
I find the lack of many peoples curiosity or interest in the world at large to be sad and so limiting. I’m one of those soak up knowledge like a sponge types and can’t imagine having no imagination, no curiosity, no enthusiasm for anything other than the most mundane daily concerns most people are so stuck in.

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^ can’t imagine having no imagination. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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@Trillian LOL…well…points for oxymoronic ey” haha

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Nikola Tesla does not get enough credit, and I would love to see his towers come into being. Frederick Douglass had such a way with words and for pointing out the glaring ridiculousness of people. I aslo feel like he is not adequately repersented in our history books. Probably because he held up a mirror to us and showed us what a bunch of lying hypocrites we were.
His Holiness seems so out there, but when he talks the illusion is dispelled. He really has quite a grasp on our world and a t the same time he is so utterly compassionate. I admire that in a person, probably because it’s so difficult for me to emulate.
@Coloma, Imagine that!

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More than anything else, nature.

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My dogs and Lance Armstrong.

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I’m with @Mariah there too. Nature and curious, cheerful people. :-)

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I get a little inspiration from so many people. Right now, there’s a woman at work who seems to have boundless energy and she is ten times smarter than I am. I’ve been a little scared of her, but even if I am intimidated, she has still been nice enough to help me out. I had to twist her arm a bit, but she agreed. I feel good about that.

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Death and concrete.

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