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Is it offensive when someone wears flip flops on a plane?

Asked by richmarshall (1042points) May 28th, 2008

Or have you ever sat next to somebody on a plane who you deemed inappropriately dressed?

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I try to remember not to wear flip flops in a theater, especially after a day of walking around.

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Sometimes they look they are going off to Hawaii. I have never found it offensive. Kind of fun, really.

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I always take my shoes off on the plane. I keep my socks on, though. Plus I’ve never had a foot odor problem.
As for flip flops, I suppose if it’s on an inter-island hawaiin flight then it might be okay.

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Why would it be offensive? A lot of people find comfort in wearing flip flops. Plus it makes going through security a lot faster. Rather than taking your shoes off.

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I’m not offended. I tend to wear slippers, to avoid harassment by Moronland Security.

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Formality is over rated.

Casual is good- life is short!

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But not too short, I hope!

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i wear flip flops almost every single day of the year and I wear them on airplanes. It makes security much easier on me. I do not however have ugly or smelly feet so I see no problem with me doing this :)

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oh and I don’t see how flip flops would be inappropriate.. are we suppose to dress in business attire or something?

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I feel sorry for someone who is so fragile that they get offended by shoe wear on a plane. There are way more important things to worry about, like when I’m gonna get my next chocolate fix.

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Awesome….I am so comfortable in my flops but read somewhere that it was inappropriate. Flops it is!

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The thing about flip flops and taking your shoes off at Security is who would want to be barefoot where God knows how many people have had their feet and who knows what else they have dribbled or drooled or dropped on the floor! Yuck.

I wouldn’t care if they were next to me in flipflops unless they tried to put their foot or feet in my lap. In that case, I would be just as incensed by shoes.

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As long as the person wearing the flip flops doesn’t start playing with their feet it’s all good.

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I wear flip-flops more than not. Just walk through security on your heels (to avoid full foot contact). :) Comfort first. (fresh pedi please)

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@marina..think about all the things you touch daily and what might be on those surfaces because of what others have touched before and then think about how often your hands touch near your face and what not. That to me is a bit more gross then my feet touching something microscopic especially since im not touching my feet or putting them near my face

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I don’t care as long as the cabin air stays fresh and there’s something more interesting to look at (there usually is). Can’t stand looking at “onion skins” though-blech!

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I notice that in the U.S. flip flops, pajama pants, and other very casual dress items are much more accepted than in Europe or other places. I wouldn’t find it offensive if someone were inappropriately dressed but that’s just me.

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(heading to my closet for fishnet, tubetop, and hot pants for tomorrow’s flight)

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I would prefer not to sit by a flopper. But If I had my choice I would like to sit by the invisible man who uses febreeze as an aftershave.

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@ spendy. What flight will you be on tomorrow? I wanna fly with you, baby! I’ll wear my thigh high boots & corset, we’ll rule the plane!!!

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;) you got it

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i think back in the day people used to dress up for flights. now i think it is very common to wear pajamas and i think that’s awesome. if you’re gonna sleep anyway, might as well be comfy. the only reason i wouldnt wear flops is because my feet would get cold!

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(that’s why you throw some nice, furry, cozy socks in your bag)

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yeah, sometimes i do that!

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Dude. Have you ever been to California? Flippies are a way of life, planes or no planes.

As far as people inappropriately dressed on planes…for me it’s more like inappropriately negligent of basic hygiene. I’d rather sit next to a low blouse than BO.

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@nocountry, right on. Personal space becomes less important in close quarters than how your nose is affected (or offended, in some cases). I love my elbow room, but I’d gladly trade it for a freshly-bathed isle mate.

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ahahaha….and if only they handed out travel-sized Scope with the peanuts….

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I don’t get why flip flops would be considered rude. I guess I lived in Hawaii and California too long, but it seems to me that it would be much easier getting through airport security without big shoes on. I live in England much of the year now, and I’ve seen loads of people wearing flip flops. I guess if someone had particularly sweaty feet it might be nasty, but hopefully they aren’t super flexible and wiping them all over the seat, or sitting cross-legged.

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wow, yeah. peanut breath really bites.

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Man….bad breath in a confined space bites period. I hate planes, for this reason mostly. I hate small talk with bad-smelling people. It makes me feel like I’m being bathed in germs or something and I can’t get away. If the next time you’re on a plane and you happen to sit next to a head-phones-on, blanket-draped-burqua-style gal….you probably smell.


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I really don’t care how my fellow passengers dress. It’s the BO, huffing & puffing, not pulling up their backrest when the people behind them are trying to get through their meal and other passive aggressive behavior that bother me.

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I have been wearing leather flip-flops on planes because its a lot more comfortable. Plus here in NJ, they make you to take out your shoes during the security check which gets makes it mad annoying. So i prefer flip flops when the weathers nice because they are comfy.

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I’m always in a dilemma about wearing them on planes, because my feet swell during flight, but if I do wear them my toes get so cold…

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Not since 9–11

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Have you noticed, a lot of people take their shoes off during a long flight, so why not just wear flip flops

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i feel like i’m violating some sort of conduct rule. maybe it’s just because i live in south florida, but flip flops are sort of a way of life for me. i don’t travel often, but if i were traveling somewhere that wouldn’t be cold when i arrived, i wouldn’t think twice about walking on the plane wearing flip flops.

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i wear flip flops when i fly. i never thought about it offending someone… weird. i just figure if jesus wore sandals, then so can i. :)

oh man, i hope THAT doesn’t offend anyone…

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Only if you are an unrealistic fruitcake. Why would another person’s footwear be offensive to any normal person?

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Wearing flip flops could make it harder to get out of the plane in an emergency—that’s why I would not wear them.

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