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Anyone else who couldn't care less about the iPhone?

Asked by rockvj (59points) June 29th, 2007

Ok...its a phone...and an ipod. Congratulations. You are now one of the biggest pickpocket magnets in America.

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I care about the iPhone, if only I could use Verizon as the carrier, because Verizon is the only carrier with decent reception where I live.

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Granted, the price of the iPhone is high.

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I don't think it's possible for me to care any less. I'm tired of hearing about it...

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It's worse for me. I live in the UK...we haven't even got the damn thing yet (where it will undoubtedly cost even more)...but the internet and media presence of it is so bloody high, it doesn't matter. Everywhere is shoving it down our throats!

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Define the lower border.

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I'm VERY interested in the iPhone.
But I remember the iPod first releases. Expensive and good. Not Great or Wonderful, but good. The iPhone will be the same way. The first few models will be Good, maybe even breaching the Great level. But give it a year, they'll sell at half the price they are now, with probably twice the functionality.

And its ATT :-(

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The people who are excited about this iPhone are the same ones who couldn't wait to hear about Paris getting released from jail!

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That is probably the most untrue statement on fluther. People excited about the iPhone are generally technology oriented people. The people who were obssessed with the paris hilton thing are just hollywood obsessed people. The two groups are not the same, and I'd be willing to bet that there probably isn't much overlap...

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"People excited about the iPhone are generally technology orientated people."


Have you been living under a rock? Look at any news channel...any web blog...everyone is talking about the release of the iPhone. Why? Not because of it's features...but because of the hype...I recently saw a news report where they were interviewing hollywood celebrities...who were moaning about not getting preferrential treatment for an ipod! It's an exclusive status's an object of desire...everyone wants one.

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I don't want one.

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i think its an amazing phone but really expensive.
but remmeber when the razr came out, it was like 400 bucks and now its free.
so on the plus side hopefully within two years, the iPhone will be really cheap and everyone will have such an advanced phone

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I could care less about the iPhone, but not much less. But I'm sick of the launch and the hype--I stll think the thing itself will be pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to playing around with it at some point. I think the touchscreen interface sounds neat.

The 6-month build up has been so annoying that I have come to appreciate the fact that Apple normally announces products on the day that they're released. I hope the phone is a success, but I don't want to hear about it anymore, please.

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I bought a Helio Ocean today.

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My opinion about the iPhone is that it's average. I was impressed by the 20 minute visual tour gives us on the iPhone, but it's not going to be all that great, especially for that price.

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