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Will digital property be taxed in the future?

Asked by talljasperman (21818points) May 26th, 2012

For example, property taxes in places like second life?

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I don’t know what second life is, but I don’t think digital property will be taxed like real estate, and in some states cars.

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Property taxes? No. Should someone use a virtual site in order to make revenue, then depending upon where they live, it might be taxed as income.

@JLeslie Second Life is a virtual world. Pretty much anything that you can do in real life can be done there, plus some other really cool features like flying and teleporting. Members can convert money into SL’s currency and use it to purchase land. The site requires a paid membership in order to purchase land, and the monthly fee goes up, based upon the size of the land.

Some members will start a virtual business. Just like in real life, they can rent or own space. In the former, they typically have to pay a renter’s fee, while in the latter, they pay the company that runs the virtual world/site. The amount of time and effort that it takes for a member to make enough real money in order to make a profit is slim to none. I suspect that the only people who make enough money to claim it on a tax report is Linden Labs, the owner of Second Life.

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No, if that were the case they could tax little kids for drawing houses.

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Who would they pay taxes to?

The idea that cyberspace is anything like RL, that things like borders even exist, is the sort of thinking that leads Congress to adopt stupid, draconian laws, put Kevin Mitnick in prison for three years (a large chunk of that in solitary confinement) before he was even charged with a crime, and is generally pants-on-head fucking retarded.

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Second life. Second wife. Both cost you money.

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@elbanditoroso Not true. Joining SL is free. The only reason to put real money into it is if a member wants to purchase land.

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If it exists, the government will regard it as an opportunity for taxation. Haven’t you learned that yet? If not, you will.

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@josie They will try, but it’s not that easy. Of course, their failures could be interesting…..

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