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Can one transfer to a new school seeking a Master's degree in psychology?

Asked by curiousk (128points) May 28th, 2012 from iPhone

I am a CUNY student currently enrolled to finish a Master’s degree in psychology. However, due to unforseen circumstances, it looks like I might have to move to a different state. Does anyone know if one is able to transfer to a diffetent University to finish a Master’s degree? I briefly Googled this question, but I was unable to find anything related to transfers for Masters students or the requirements for such.

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You certainly can do it but you need to consult with the school that you are transferring to, as to how your credits from the school you are transferring from, will be accounted.

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It would probably be entirely up to the school you are transferring to whether they would accept CUNY credits, and CUNY credits aren’t all created equal.

I think a good rule of thumb is most other schools will accept a credit transfer of up to 12 credits, If you’re really far along, you might have more luck talking to an adviser at your current school to see if you can just finish the degree at another school and let your CUNY school confer the degree.

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It depends on the school, but you may have to repeat certain courses, depending on how far you’ve gotten in the degree. Since most M.A. degrees are two-year programs, the good news is even with repeating courses/taking new courses, it won’t take you forever to complete your degree. The bad news is, as @bolwerk notes, your new school probably isn’t going to accept everything; they’ll accept courses that are equivalent, up to a certain point.

If there’s any way to just stay put and finish the degree at CUNY, I’d do it—it’ll be a lot less hassle. But if you must transfer, identify which school you’ll most likely want to end up at and talk with the head of the graduate admissions committee now, to see what transferring would entail. Once you have the information you need, you can make whatever decisions are necessary. Good luck.

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Maybe you can also talk with the “Registrar’s Office” or whatever their equivalent is, at the schools you are looking into transferring to, in order to ask them how many credits would be transferrable. Either they or the psychology grad department will be making the decision, and it would help to have that on paper, and attached to someone’s name (so people can’t just pass the buck), before you complete your transfer process.

Best of luck.

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How many credits shy of the degree are you?

What area might you be moving to and what is (or are) the most appropriate university(ies) nearby?

Contact the grad. program adviser and ask him or her your specific questions. Here we can only deal in generalities…not very helpful.

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