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Security System question?

Asked by mowens (8397points) May 29th, 2012

Hey, I want a security system that has no monthly fee, and just emails me when something happens. Do these exist?

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I’ve never heard of one that doesn’t have a monitoring fee.

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I think they do. You install a special key on your front door, and really hardware anywhere you want it. Then you hook it up to your computer. There must be software that comes with it. Essentially, this is your own monitoring system. It can email you or text you—maybe even call you when an event is detected.

Another cool feature is that you can unlock the door remotely over the internet. So you could let a worker in, if you wanted to.

I know I saw something like this online. I forget how and why I got there. It might have been someone here who provided the link. I bet you could google it.

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@wundayatta I think I know the type of system you are talking about. Was it something like this or something else?

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@jerv That wasn’t it. It had a big lock device for the front door, only it was tasteful. You could unlock it by calling it from your phone or something like that.

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Like @jerv suggests take a look at, also They have all sorts of hyper-vigilant systems for all your surveillance needs. Many of them can email (txt) to your phone or any other address with status or emergency messages (“All your basement are belong to us.”)

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Thank you!

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