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Does anyone know anything about mock jury trials?

Asked by AshlynM (10569points) May 31st, 2012

Are they scams, are they really worth it to make some extra money? My s/o got a phone call, inviting him to do one of these things (he agreed to do it) but I’m just worried they might try and coerce him into signing up for crap completely unrelated to the mock trial. This isn’t an online thing, it’s in a physical location.
He’s going to get paid a little over a hundred dollars, so at least he’s making some money but I’m still wary.

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If they told him up front that he’ll be paid, it sounds legit to me. He can leave if it is not what he was told. There are legitimate companies that seek out ordinary citizens to be a proxy jury so that the lawyers can test a defense or prosecution.

This became very well known during the OJ Simpson trial, both sides ran mock trials in front of “juries” to see how a jury would react. It just so happens the defense paid attention to what the found and the prosecutors discounted the results. Guess who won.

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They are real. I did one when I lived in Florida. They are held by law firms.

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They are also held by law schools. They are very important in training future and current lawyers. It is like acting. Is your s/o an actor?

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Stop worrying. They are legitimate.

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My ex did one and made good money for being out of work. It was interesting. It helped the defendant’s attorneys decide what to look for in a jury, and gauge the effectiveness of different arguments.

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Thanks everyone…I guess it all went well. Nope, he’s not an actor.

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Only in the context of what we did in law school. I don’t know what you are talking about.

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