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Where do I find these shoes?

Asked by curiousk (128points) June 4th, 2012 from iPhone

About three months ago, I was shoe shopping and found these amazing comfortable shoes. However, the store dud not have my size and the sales rep told me to look for them online. I never knew it would be so difficult to find them even by looking for them at the shoe brand’s own website. Can someone help me find them. Ps: the reason I desperatedly need them is because I have the most difficult feet to buy shoes for. Not only were these my style, but they are also extremly comfortable. Thank you all!

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Your link, to the image, doesn’t work, it’s not complete. Can you post it again so we can see what shoes you are looking for?

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Im sorry, here is the link to the picture Itook of them.

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@curiousk It could just be really hard, if not impossible to find them. A lot of shoes will be manufactured for a single season and then they are gone. Or if they don’t all sell, whatever doesn’t sell at the original store may then be sold to discount stores like Marshall’s, Ross, DSW, etc. If there are any around, and the manufacturer is no longer selling them, they could be anywhere. You may not be able to find them again. All I can suggest is that if this happens again, take a picture of both the shoe and a picture of the end of the shoe box. The shoe will have a name and a model number and that will be on the end of the shoe box. That additional information, the name of the shoe and the model number, will be very helpful next you are looking for specific shoes online.

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I’m not finding that specific style, but there seem to be others that are built on the same footbed, maybe try one of them?!/me-too-women-sandals/CK_XARC51wFSAWJaAWLAAQHiAgULCgEYAg.zso

It could have helped your search if you had the name of the specific style, too. I usually photograph the label on the side of the shoebox.

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The open toed heels aren’t at Zappos or Nordstrom, so I bet they’re gone gone gone.

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Three months ago at DSW isn’t that far off. I’d keep an eye on eBay listings.

Keyword: “me too”
Condition: new
Sort: highest price

There are sellers that stock shoes from a couple of seasons back. Older seasons than Zappos, Endless, 6pm, Piperlime, etc.

Good luck!

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Me Too doesn’t have a web site? Perhaps the business failed. I hope not for your sake.

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Have you tried contacting Me Too’s customer service?

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@Sunny2: The original poster said that they looked on the Manufacturer’s website, and I included a link to their website in my reply. They have not gone out of business – it just appears to be a discontinued style.

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@hearkat Ah yes, The discontinued product. When did commerce say that everything has to be new! new! new! in order to sell! sell! sell!? It’s irritating , when you find something you really like and it’s no longer available. My condolences.

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Thank you all. I will try their customer service as well as

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