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Pot or alcohol?

Asked by deni (22853points) June 11th, 2012

Assuming you are a fan of one, or both. If you had to make the decision….one, for the rest of your life, easy to obtain, legal. But just one. Which would it be, and why? And if you only like one to begin with, why don’t you like the other?

Me, weed. Easy. For so many reasons. No hangovers, puking, dizziness, spins, huge bar tabs, blacking out, having to pee constantly (I’ve got a weak bladder alright!). I like the giggling and jolliness of it, and though I’d miss the drunk dancing, weed is just so much easier. Doesn’t make me feel like shit, EVER, and I’ve never smoked too much and spent the next 18 hours in the fetal position in bed. I will say I hate the potential laziness, and the dry mouth. It is just terrible. But still, easily Maryjane. Plus alcohol does terrible things to people. I don’t feel you can truly say the same about weed.


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Alcohol, never liked the taste of weed and it never did anything for me. And I rarely have issues of getting wasted so complaints about hangovers, puking, etc. are kaput to me.

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The detail section makes your question sound like:

Abusing pot or abusing alcohol? Or: Using pot or alcohol in high dosages?

When drinking alcohol in moderation there are no hangovers, puking, dizziness, spins, huge bar tabs, blacking out, and having to pee constantly.

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I don’t like smoking; particularly inhaling but I prefer the effects of pot to alcohol. In public I would choose alcohol over pot as it is a more sociable drug when taken in reasonable doses.

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Alcohol messes up my blood sugar big time. :-/

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I’d probably pick the herb.

I’d have to say though that if it were legal “huge bar tabs” would be just as possible.

Ref “smoke” I hear in California and other places where medical weed is “legal” they also get a prescription for a vaporizer that liberates all the good stuff and does not make products-of-combustion that are the worst part about smoke for the lungs.

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I dont drink anymore. It messes with some meds and my sugar.

Mary jane is good for pain relief and sanity.

There is a line between use and abuse.

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@jazmina88 Are you diabetic too?

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I’d vote for pot because of its medicinal usages.

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With all the cases of lung cancer – even in users of filtered cigarettes – I am leery of inhaling anything.
I’ll have a little alcohol with my meal, thank you very much.
A chilled Sauvignon Blan would go well on a hot day like today. I’ll be on the porch watching the hummingbirds if anyone wants to join me.

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@LuckyGuy: Vaporizing is not at all analogous to a filtered cigarette. Just putting that out there in case it might be of use to others. Enjoy your porch :)

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@bookish1 I don’t know what you mean by “vaporizing” Do you mean inhaling through a bong type device?
By my comment I meant:
1) 1 out of 125 smokers will get lung cancer. 1 out of 4000 non-smokers will get lung cancer. I use that to infer there is a strong correlation between smoking and lung cancer.
2) Cigarettes have strict process and quality controls.
3) Some cigarettes have filters which “supposedly” filter out some toxins.
4) Any weed I have had the pleasure of holding was wrapped in Zig Zags with the side licked and the ends twirled between Sarah’s lips. Effective, but not precise quality control. In fact it was so effective, even after 35+ years, I am detecting a hint of tumescence just thinking about watching her lick the joint. Whew! I need a shower.

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@LuckyGuy: Vaporizing is not the same as smoking, no matter what the device. A bong counts as smoking; the smoke is merely cooled through water. Vaporizing means raising the plant matter to the temperature at which desired ingredients are vaporized, but below the temperature at which said matter would catch on fire and produce smoke.

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To choose would be torture for me.

When I’m drinking I like to smoke and when I’m smoking I like to drink.

can i vote for a thc based pilsner?

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@bookish1 I am diabetic, on insulin.

and stopped my anti depressant 3 months ago because of apathy. (lexapro)

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I’d choose alcohol, as I enjoy the taste of wine and pot doesn’t do much for me.

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@jazmina88: Me too, insulin for life, haha. Hands you a sugar free popsicle

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@mattbrowne Well that wasn’t the intention, but if we’re being honest a large majority of the people who really like alcohol do tend to abuse it, at least from time to time. And all I’m saying is when/if you do abuse alcohol, the consequences (when they exist) are a lot worse.

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Alcohol; I can actually feel it’s effects, and I’ve actually vomited more from the 4–5 times I tried weed than from the thousands of times I’ve been drunk.

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For reference, vaporizers Volcano and Iolite.

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@deni: Well put. I’ll drink to that.

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I just saw a poll where 23 percent of high school kids say they smoke pot. That should be disturbing to everyone.

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@bkcunningham : And that is just a sample of kids who admitted to it in some poll.

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Yes, @bookish1. Is it disturbing to you that there’s a push to stop people from smoking for health reasons, yet kids are smoking pot and people are pushing for the legalization of the pot and society is leaning towards saying that smoking pot is okay? Yet, you inhale deeper and hold it longer and do damage to your lungs just as bad, if not worse, when you smoke pot as you do when you smoke cigs.

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@bkcunningham That is not true.

They should be pushing people to stop smoking cigarettes. If you ask me the two worst things about cigarettes, the addictiveness and the damage it does to your lungs, are far worse than anything that can be said about marijuana. And weed should be legal, if only for the people who benefit from it medically. It’s not just an excuse. I got through a post-surgery involving a plate and seven screws put into the bone of my foot with no medication except for MJ.

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