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Has anyone ever used peanut butter to remove unwanted gum from hair?

Asked by brownlemur (4086points) May 29th, 2008

Does it really work? Is it the oil in the peanut butter that does the loosening of the gum? If so, why not just use oil? Does this make no intuitive sense to anyone else?

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I had heard of using ice before, but not peanut butter. It certainly wouldn’t cause any harm to use peanut butter. I once, back in junior high school, got a drill bit caught in my hair, I was lucky I didn’t kill myself with the damned thing, it sucked my head all the way in. No amount of peanut butter or ice was going to help that situation. I had to cut out the whole chunk of hair. Oh, the folly of youth an vanity, what a dreadful combination.

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I 2nd the ice!
I think vasaline might work also, but you might have to wash your hair a few times to get the vasaline out…...defeating the purpose i guess…..

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Yeah, but then I had unwanted birds in my hair.

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i am curious as to why you would “want” gum in your hair…in what case is it “O.K.”?

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I’ve used peanut butter before. When I was little I got gum stuck in my hair one or two times usually when I fell asleep with gum in my mouth and it would fall out or something like that.

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yes i have heard of this, but it was my friend who didnt know he was allergic to PB, but he soon found out. but at least he didnt have gum in his hair anymore

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Personally I have heard of this, but you may as well just cut out that small piece of hair. It’s just not worth putting PB in your hair man :(

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Use rubbing alcohol. You need to remove the adhesive property from the gum.

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My mom used this on me all the time. It worked, for the most part. Except for a few times when the gum was all over my hair and tangled (I have thick curly hair). My mom ended up cutting it instead. Not my greatest haircut.

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My daughter and a friend of hers dared each other to stick gum in their hair when we were on a dual-family vacation at the Mall of America. Her friend’s mom said PNB! and there happened to be a PNB shop around the corner from where we were (now defunct shop). He didn’t have much hair so removing the gum from his hair took 2 minutes, with PNB. My daughter had really smushed the gum into her long fine-textured hair and it took a good 30 minutes of rubbing, but every bit of gum did come out. How does it work—is it the oil? No clue, but yes, it works.

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